All About our Minerettes

Mandy Jenkins, Photographer

Minerettes always get the student section roaring with excitement. They will do halftime performances for both football and boys’ basketball games, so if you have ever been to a game at Bingham, there is a good chance you have seen our Minerettes in action.

To be a Minerette there are a few things you must do. First when auditioning, you must have teacher recommendations to go along with your dance routine. Then when you are on the team, you must carry a 3.0 grade-point average and have good citizenship. Jamyn Miller, the Minerettes’ head coach, said, “There’s a lot of pressure since our margin for error is so small. The team has many chances to serve the community and have fun together. They host the annual Astra Waller 5K to help people with cystic fibrosis. Astra was a former Minerette with cystic fibrosis. According to South Jordan Journal, the girls have also in the past volunteered to help with the Burrito Project. This is where people make and deliver burritos to people living on the street.

The Minerettes have won eight straight drill team national titles. They also have a good track record in state championships too. We won seven state champions from 2004 to 2007 and 2010 to 2012. The drill team practices in the early morning for four hours a day Monday through Saturday. The Minerettes are a close team because they spent so much time together and have team activities. This helps unify in their dances which helps improve their performance at competitions.

Minerettes not only are a big part of this school but they are a part of the community too. They have done amazing things and they work hard. They are people who deserves all the cheers they get.