Boys’ Tennis

Zabrina Le, Staff Writer

Boys tennis started on March 7 and the boys have been working hard to achieve their goals everyday since.

The boy’s tennis team started their season early in March and ends in May. The boys have practice from 3-5 everyday. They’ve been working hard to win their matches. According to Austin Burton, senior and member of team, “Tennis has become my main priority this year.” Austin is determined to win all his matches and make Bingham proud.

During practice the boys do drills and work on things they can improve on. According to Burton, “You can challenge other team mates to get higher up the ladder” This helps them to improve and practice with other members of the team. In doubles the boys work on their weakness to try and improve for their next game.

According to Tucker Daynes, sophomore and member of the team the best part of tennis is his friends. Being apart of a team can really bring people together. Burton said, “Last year was more of a social thing for me.” Burton plans to make tennis more of a priority this year. According to Burton the guys on the team aren’t as close, but he hopes they will become a close team by the end of the season.

So far the boys have one win and three losses. According to Daynes Lone Peak was the hardest. Although tennis is hard work the boys enjoy the sport and their teammates. Daynes said, “I love tennis and I have a lot of friends on the team and it’s fun to be around them.” Tennis is a big commitment and there is a lot of hard work the boys put into the sport. Bingham’s first game was against Hillcrest high school. Bingham represented well with the score ending four to one. In the end it’s about the teamwork and the bond you make with your teammates. Although the season just started, we know the boys will form that team bond and connection that makes sports worth the hours of practice and help them win.

The boys started the season with energy and excitement. They’ve been working really hard during practices and we’ve seen how motivated and passionate they are about tennis. Tennis is not an easy sport and to practice everyday takes a lot of skill and ambition. Bingham’s students are here to cheer them on and watch them succeed.