Hype for Sports

Aubrey Tanner, Opinion/Editorial Editor

Sports are a huge part of Bingham Culture, but many times the student body doesn’t support the teams as well as they should.

The Football team works hard and is very dedicated, and it definitely has the most hype and support at games. Which is great! The football team excels in their sport, but what if the other sports had just as many people show up and cheer them on?

Ben Philbrick, a junior at Bingham, who is on the lacrosse team, says “We have an okay turnout at games, but it would be a lot better if we got some more students to come.”

All of the sports teams work hard, and support goes a long way. The more students show up, the more incentive to do well at games and meets Bingham athletes have, because the athletes have someone cheering them on.

In all the sports interviews I’ve done, every athlete says they want fellow Bingham Miners to come to their meets or games. Bingham has a wide diversity of sports from golf to wrestling to soccer and dance.  Everyone involved in sports at Bingham is full of talent and skill. In most sports, Bingham has a reputation for being number one. All the games and matches are exhilarating to watch and yet many Miners don’t come to games.

I’ve been guilty of not going to sporting events, and I’m sure many other Miners have too.  What do we miss out on when we don’t go cheer on the sports teams?

Halle Sliwoski, a junior at bingham says, “The girls basketball and soccer teams work really hard, and their games don’t get much turn out. I think Bingham could do better at supporting them.”

Brooklyn Turnbo, a member of the girls Basketball team says, “ Turn out at basketball games are extremely small. Especially at the beginning of the season.” The girls basketball team worked really hard and won state.

“For the state championship we had much bigger student sections and I think it really boosted the varsity girls and gave them the final push we needed to win the championship.” says Turnbo.

Although the team won the championship, imagine what it would have been like if all of the Miners had been there the whole way to show the team support.

We miss out on so much when we don’t go. We lose out on great high school experiences, making friends and showing the talented, dedicated athletes at Bingham that we care.

Sean Yraguen, a senior at Bingham, on the swim team says, “The student body does show up every once in a while but only to the home meets I would say, my fellow miners could say to people there’s a swim meet going on this day because I feel like were a hidden sport.”

Just from watching the sport, you can learn so much, and have a great time doing so. So next time there is a game, make time and go cheer on your fellow Miners.