Ultimate Frisbee

Marissa Jolley, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Spring is just around the corner which means Ultimate Frisbee has their teams and is ready to compete with all they got.

Ultimate Frisbee began in 1968. It was created by Joel Silver who introduced it to the student council at Columbia High School. According to Discstore, a Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee website, “This sport has been growing exponentially for the few decades.” They also said there are competitions for all levels of age.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the many spring sports we have here at Bingham. The sign ups ended on March 8th, but the team wants people to come watch their practices and games. Their practices are usually two hours on Tuesdays from four to six and Saturdays from nine thirty to eleven.

Sophomore Alyssa Anderson, a returning player from last year, says that since the practices are every other day, keeping up with your schoolwork isn’t too much of a challenge, as long as you are “…Wise with your time.” The team this year has ten girls, and forty five boys. The boys have an A team and a B team, because of how many signed up; the A team is for the more experienced players. They don’t have tryouts for the teams. Instead, coaches decide who is on which team. Tournaments will start later in the season and they will usually be on Saturday afternoons. Tournaments are also open to anyone who wants to go watch.

Anderson said, “Last year was a lot of fun. Even though I was a Freshmen and didn’t go to Bingham yet, they [the older teammates] still included me.” Anderson says that the team gets excited when there are new recruits. They get along well and everyone supports each other. Anderson loves playing and says it’s, “…fun to run around and compete with friends.” Anderson thinks Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport, and more people should sign up next year.

Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new sport, so it isn’t as big as other sports at Bingham. If you ever find yourself bored on the night of an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, don’t think twice about going. Ultimate Frisbee is a double win by being not only fun to watch, but also fun to play.