Athlete Achievement


Photo by Ken Lund

Alida Cummings, News Editor

After years of hard work and persistence, several Bingham athletes have obtained exciting opportunities to play for colleges after graduation.

Because of how many students participate in athletic programs statewide, it can be a challenge for each of them to stand out and receive a scholarship for their efforts. At Bingham, many students have succeeded in standing out and will get to continue doing what they love for college teams.

Elle Cosper, a senior who dances on the Minerettes team, is one talented athlete who has earned a dance scholarship to Utah Valley University and a place on their dance team. She says she was nervous because, “I didn’t know if I would make the team or not.” Now Cosper is simply excited to go to college and focus on the sport she loves. One bonus is she won’t have to worry about getting a job to pay for schooling, which would limit her ability to continue dancing. “I’m super grateful… to keep dancing through college; not everyone gets that opportunity,” she says.

Junior Tafuna, another senior with life-long dreams to play for a college, signed on to the University of Utah’s football team earlier this year. “I’ve always been told I’m going to play college sports, so I always believed that I would,” he says. “I knew I would have this if I kept working and waiting,” Tafuna also said that the process wasn’t difficult because “The process is the way you perform on the field… and in the classroom.” He is happy because he’s wanted to play for the University of Utah for a long time.

For younger students working towards athletic scholarships, these seniors have some tips. Cosper says that “you have to believe you can do it.” Tafuna has the same advice. “Never doubt yourself,” he says.

As fellow students, we want to congratulate these two as well as the several other standout senior athletes who have signed to play for schools, including Maggie McCord, Jacob Hanes, Lolani Longi, and Simote Pepa. After years of dedication, they deserve a pat on the back.

We are excited to see what great things our classmates will do for their future college teams.