Boys Lacrosse


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Zabrina Le, Staff Writer

Friendships, fantastic fellas, and fun times: these are all things the lacrosse boys experience on the daily.

Their first practice started in late January and the boys have been practicing non stop. Pregame practices are easier, according to JP Wilson, a senior and member of the team. During pre-games they work on plays; their regular practices are harder and more work, Wilson says, “They’re harder, but fun.” The boys practice at South Jordan Middle every day from 3:30-6:00. JP also went on to say, “Practices are like hanging out with the other guys on the team”

To these boys, the best part of being on the team is their brotherhood. Wilson said, “My favorite part is getting to know the other guys on the team, we’re like brothers.” Being apart of a team can bring people together and gives them a chance to make new memories. The boys recently went to Boise, Idaho together from the 21st of March to the 23rd. During the Boise trip they played three games in two days. That’s a lot of time and energy. Wilson said, “It’s hard, but it’s definitely worth it.”  Cooper Pack,sophomore and member of team, and Wilson said they had a good time and plenty of bonding time. The best part of being on a team is being able to form bonds and create new memories.

Some of these boys have been playing lacrosse for a long time. Pack has been playing since he was eight years old and said he really likes being on the team and playing lacrosse. Next year Bingham is going to have a sanction for the class during 8th period. That gives the boys more time to practice and get to know each other.

Balancing school work and sports can be difficult. Wilson said “We just get it done. Our practices are only two hours, so it gives us time for other things.” To these guys it’s worth the hard work. Pack says “It gives us something to do.” Playing lacrosse not only gives them something to do, but it also gives them  a brotherhood. Having a team to support you and help you out is one of the best feelings said Pack

Most of these boys started playing lacrosse for the sport, but they continued playing because of the many bonds they created and their willingness to win. The Lacrosse boys have made Bingham proud by working hard, winning their games, and representing our school. Let’s go, lacrosse boys!