For the Love of Hockey


Braxton Porter #18, Bingham Hockey’s Captain, celebrates after scoring a goal. Photo Credit: Courtney Ryan

Molly Laukka

In 1875 the first indoor hockey game was played with a huge crowd, who all loved the game, cheering each team on. Now 145 years later Braxton Porter, Talon Olson, and Carter Bohin are just some of the players on the Bingham hockey team and are all a part of this sport that so many love. These players explain their love of the game and why you should love it too.

These three players started playing at a very young age. Porter started 10 years ago, and Olson and Bohin started 13 years ago. Porter got into hockey because of his father and was excited that he caught onto the sport quickly. Olson and Bohin started because Bohin’s older brother encouraged them to play, and were able to make lifelong friends with their newfound teammates. 

When asked why they loved playing hockey, they all talked about how they’ve made great friends playing and that they’ve all excelled on the ice which makes it fun to play. When you watch the team play, you can see their love for it through their determination of going after the puck and in their celebrations as a team after they make a goal together.

They’ve made so many great memories being a part of the team, but two of their very favorite memories are as follows. 

“Last year at a Vernal game we beat them with thirty seconds on the clock. Their whole town was there to watch. That win brought our team together for the season,” said Porter. 

Olson also shared one of his favorite wins: “Herrriman had beat us twice that season, but when it mattered most in the playoffs we beat them. They stopped talking crap on us after that.”

The team recognizes that many people in the past hadn’t known that Bingham even had a hockey team, but they hope to spread the word: “We do have a hockey team at Bingham and more support would be great,” said Olson. 

Students can’t go in person to their games because of the COVID-19 restrictions. However, you can watch the games on the Bingham Hockey Team’s facebook live stream. You can also visit the Team’s instagram page @binghamhighhockey which will have game times, pictures, and highlights from the games.