Today’s Goal: Soccer


Bingham vs Herriman; Kassie Leonce, 24 Picture credit: Emily Miller

Jaiden Gunn

Soccer is one of the nation’s most popular sports, especially in high school. For soccer players, it’s a huge commitment, especially for high school players. It takes a lot of skill and athleticism to play, and our girls soccer team gives it their all.

This season, Coach Peri Hodgson led the team to many victories. They have won 10-7 games. But not only do they do well on the field, they have to stay caught up in school. Peyton Haycock, #26, gave a little glimpse into what being a soccer player for Bingham High School is like.

 “We practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then we have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We practice for about two and a half hours everyday and game days normally last five to six hours. It’s a big time commitment but we all love it!” Haycock said.  

Each week is so busy, but they keep moving and never stop. And all that practice and preparation goes into game days. Twice a week the girls soccer team has games against other high school teams. 

“Game days are the best days…Every Wednesday night, before our Thursday game, we have a team dinner to get ourselves ready,” Peyton shared. 

And not only do they have practices and games, but they still have school work to keep up on as well. 

“We check out for our fourth and eighth period so we have to make sure we are responsible for making up our school work.” 

And to keep energy high before games, Peyton said “We always have a little dance circle before our games… and make sure to have our big huddle prayer around the corner flag before we start.” 

But with COVID-19, soccer games look a little different this year. Many protocols have changed, especially with game day. Some of the changes have affected the team, like only being able to have 25 of the girls on the bench at a time and limiting the people in attendance. 

“We’ve had girls have to go out at random times because they got exposed, which has been quite frustrating. It’s been hard to deal with, especially being a senior, but I’m glad we got a season and we didn’t get shut down at all!” 

With the season coming to an end, Haycock shared that she is so proud of her team and everything they have accomplished. 

“The coaches have done so much for me and made me a better player! I absolutely love the girls. We became so close this year and have made some awesome memories! I’m sad my time is almost up, but I’m super grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity! I love Bingham! Picks up!” 

The Bingham girls soccer team is an amazing group of girls who give so much of their time to this sport. COVID-19 may have changed protocols and made it hard on the players, but the girls still have unified and showed us that they mean business on the field.