Through Dusty Trails, Bingham Mountain Bikers Race to Victory


Photo by Cinnamon Fulwider and Lili Fulwider

MTB team members pose for a picture together at a race.

Along trails through Snow Basin, Moab, Price, and other places, 143 Bingham mountain bikers pushed their limits this past season. With coaches, parents, and teammates cheering them on, they finished second in their region competition.

The Bingham Mountain Biking Team (MTB) came in second place in all of their races except one. At their final state race, many riders did well and others used the race to celebrate their finishing season. The MTB’s season is highlighted on their main Instagram page @binghammtb and another Instagram page @_bingham.grit. 

Something to treasure about the Bingham team, other than their success, is their encouragement of each other and perseverance. They created an environment of support and progress. 

According to teammates and spectators, everyone cheered for everyone at the races, including those from other teams. It brought unity to the team and brought different teams together. It was all about making progress, working hard, and most importantly, having fun. 

“The team has given me a big family of people that I know love me and will always support me. My coaches and my teammates are some of the biggest blessings in my life,” said Lauren Ingraham, an MTB captain. 

Some major contributors to the positive and enthusiastic environment are the team captains, Lauren Ingraham, McCall Fossey, and Josh Bullock. They led the team with dedication and spirit. They continued to cheer on their fellow classmates and teammates despite the difficulty COVID-19 placed on interacting with others. 

“Obviously they were not put in ideal circumstances, they were thrown into this mess of Covid. They did an amazing job at making everybody feel super invited and supported. They are so much fun. They are great people,” said Katelynn Barton, a mountain biking rider. 

This past 2020 season has put all athletes in less than ideal circumstances to succeed, including mountain bikers. COVID-19 made their season different. Wearing masks and wristbands to enter, taking temperatures, and limiting the amount of spectators were a few of the protocols they had to follow.

 Despite the differences at races and practices, the team’s preparation never stopped. Throughout the summer and leading up to the races in August, they dedicated their time and energy to gain success. 

“Sometimes we struggle, sometimes we hurt, but our team never gives up—and to watch our Bingham riders keep cranking when all they want to do is take a break and rest—that is inspirational,” said Mr. James Barton, the teacher advisor over the MTB.

This MTB season is one to never forget. Their determination can inspire all of us to keep pushing forward even though we may want to quit.