Three Cheers for Bingham’s Cheer Team


Photo by Emily Miller

The Bingham Cheer team at a football game.

As the student section roars, the cheerleaders stand by the sidelines leading them in cheers to motivate the team and show other schools our school spirit. The team rallies the students and helps make the games fun, but leading the student section in cheers isn’t the only thing that cheerleaders do. 

Bingham’s cheer team works hard everyday to bring their best to support Bingham’s sports. They cheer on the sidelines and bring the student section to their feet, but cheering also brings them together as friends and a team. 

Gianna Anderson, a member of the varsity cheer team, said that cheer means so much to her, and that the team is like family. “I love cheer because it makes me feel like I’m more involved in the school and I have a family that I can turn to for anything.”

Taytum Ligman, another member of the varsity cheer team, shared the same sentiments about the team. “Cheer means the world to me. We work so hard at every practice and we’ve become a family. Cheer has given me a second home.” 

Cheer is all about working together as a team as well as working hard for competitions. Just like many other competitive sports, competitions look a little different this year due to COVID-19.

The cheer team has only been able to attend two in-person competitions, region and state, while the rest have been “virtual.” To compete virtually, the team films their routine and sends it in to be judged. The team is judged on jumps, dance, stunts, cheer, preciseness, etc. Each element is worth a certain amount of points and is totaled to 100 total points. The team competes against other teams all over the state. 

The cheerleaders also attend many of the sports games to support the players and for the student section. Obviously this year looks a little different, but they were still amazing on the sidelines. 

Ligman said that helping control the spirit of the student section is easy, especially with the energy of the students and the other cheerleaders.“We feed off of each other’s energy…We also have our amazing SBOs to help us out!”

The Bingham Cheer team excites the crowd. (Photo by Emily Miller)

The cheer team attended most of the football games and all of the home basketball games, along with one away game for playoffs. They also love going to other events to support the school. 

Anderson said, “The student section at games is normally very helpful and easy to work with! They make the games way fun!” 

Along with the valuable members of the team, the coaches work so hard to help the team. Anderson said, “Our coaches are amazing and help us so much in all areas of our life! We are so blessed to have them in our lives and love them so much!” 

With nationals being this month, the team has been working extra hard. The cheer team works so hard for competitions and to support our school. While the cheer team is having fun and developing skills and stunts, they also bring so many people together and teach them important values, like hard work, team work, and trust.