Bingham Miners Run, Jump, and Throw to Victory


Photo by Track Instagram

Bingham Track and Field Team poses for a photo.

Bingham Miners Track and Field Team run, jump, and throw to victory week after week. On Saturday, May 1, 2021, the Miners brought home a win at the first annual Bingham Invite, with a little home field advantage and a lot of hard work. The Miners team includes many state qualifiers.

After the meet, Addison Smith, a Bingham athlete who competes in shot put and discus, said, “Our team is doing great this year.” 

Bingham won boys only events, girls only events, and the overall title. Scoring 185.5 points on Saturday, they brought home a resounding win. There were 35 other schools at the Bingham invite, including Corner Canyon, Alta, Stansbury, Herriman, and Westlake.  

“We would love for more athletes to join us, especially for our throwing events. Come get out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it!” said Smith. 

The field events are just as important as the well-known running events. There are a number of events that have little to do with running. Shot put, discus, and javelin involve throwing heavy or pointed objects. The high jump, long jump, and pole vault are all about the height and distance athletes can move their bodies. 

According to Smith, field events, particularly pole vault, often control the tie breaking points in a meet. This vaulting is the nail biting event where athlete’s run with a large stick and lever themselves over a bar backwards without touching it. Perhaps as little as an inch or two decides the winners and losers. 

With the variety of activities and races happening, the weekly competitions can be longer than other sporting events. But meets are still fun and intense entertainment even if you can only come and watch one event. 

“We do better when we have support, so please come. We have meets every week. You don’t even have to stay for the whole time,” said Smith, “Even if it’s just 30 minutes, it would mean a lot.” 

So with the weather warming up and track and field season underway, let’s get out and support these incredible athletes on their race for glory. GO MINERS!!