Bingham Soccer is Back and Better Than Ever

Bingham’s Boys’ Soccer is a prime example of the drive and motivation that prevails in our school. After last year’s season was ultimately cut short, it’s no surprise that our team was driven to succeed this year.

As of early May 2021, in 6A Region 3, Bingham’s Boys’ Varsity is sitting in second place with Herriman in first, and Copper Hills in third. 

Overall, they’ve won ten games this season, and seven games in the region. Of their games, three in particular are eye-catching. Back on March 24 of this year, they shut out Jordan High School 5-0, and just three days later they shut out West High with another 5-0 win. The third game that should be mentioned is their shutout at Herriman, on April 22, where they again, took a 5-0 win.

Although the first two games are impressive in themselves, the third is a significant step for Bingham to take the region. Herriman, although sitting in first, is beatable. Bingham’s 5-0 triumph over their team is blatant proof of our team’s capability.

We’re also riding on a four-game winning streak, so the enthusiasm and determination to win shouldn’t be going anywhere soon. With 21 goals for Bingham, and only 5 against, it’s safe to say that our Varsity Boys have played one of their most successful seasons in recent years.

One of our most notable players, Connor Humphrey, who reps the number three for Varsity, has had a fantastic season so far. He’s scored a total of four goals, all of which have been impressive. 

He scored two goals against Jordan High, which were both the results of some skillful crosses. He obviously didn’t feel the need to stop there, though, because during the game with West High, he scored a volley off of a free kick. His last goal was, in my opinion, the most impressive. Humphrey made an incredible far post goal from twenty yards out in a game against Herriman. It curved right around the defense, bounced off the keepers hand, and landed right in the top right corner. As you can probably guess, the boys went wild.

None of this comes easy, however, and when asked about this, Humphrey said, “We have to go into each game like it’s a playoff game. We can’t underestimate anyone. In order to win we have to come out hard in every single game.”

This sort of attitude is vital to a team’s success, and it all starts from practices. “At practice coaches push us to do our best, we work hard,” Humphrey explained, “practices the day before games we usually go lighter and do lots of stretching to make sure we’re ready.” 

From the hallways to the locker room, and then the field, these athletes’ minds are filled with motivation. Regardless of how this season ends, we can be proud of the effort that went into it.