Bravo Bingham Ballroom!

“It’s almost surreal when you’re putting everything you have into a two minute dance and you and your teammates are hitting all the correct positions and all you hear are cheers.” -Sara Applegate 2020

The Bingham Ballroom team has found ways to make this school year the best considering the pandemic’s limitations. From the virtual Homecoming assembly in the beginning of the year, to being able to compete in state, this team has highly impressed the eyes of both students and adults alike.

Sara Applegate, one of the Senior dance leaders of the Ballroom Team, has been dancing for Bingham Ballroom since she was a sophomore. With her senior year approaching, the pandemic was as well. Worries and doubts were confronted as Gina Terrell(Head Coach) and Ginger Davis(Assistant Coach) had to decide the future for this year’s team.

The usual events in the year of Bingham’s Ballroom Team is as Sara follows.

 “We have a couple of concerts throughout the year including our ballroom showcase at the end of the year. Normally we also compete in at least one State and National competition”.

This on its own can be a difficult task to face. Now stacking a pandemic on top of that is where the real test of resilience comes to play. 

Refusing to see the limitations of the pandemic as a blockade, the team found other ways to enhance their dance experience and showcase their passion for the arts. Sara elaborated on the matter.

“Unfortunately we lost many opportunities to perform and compete due to covid. We missed out on some assemblies, however it gave us an opportunity to try something new and we took videos of our dances instead of performing live… Covid restricted us from attending Provo competition and Nationals (gem state). We were able to still go to our state competition UBEA and while it was run differently from years past we’re so grateful we still got that opportunity. And we competed so well at that comp!”

This team has been put through many hurdles, but with the strong bond that they have acquired over the past several months, they overcome each obstacle and do so with grace and dedication. In fact, for many on the team, this was their first time performing Ballroom! 

Not only is this team’s technique admirable, but their dynamics of partnership and hard work are something to note.

“Everyone on the team is so positive and encouraging of others all the time. Even during early morning practices, they all come ready and willing to work hard. There’s not a better group of people to dance with,” Sara said.

With the year coming to a close and the Ballroom Showcase “Ikigai” concluded, the ballroom team looks back with nostalgia as many of them prepare to leave Bingham High School. 

In closing, Sara said with a smile, “I am so grateful and will value all the lessons and friendships I obtained from being a part of the ballroom team. I really am who I am today because of my coaches and my teammates who constantly push me to be better. I have advanced so much not only as a dancer but also as a person and a leader”.

With all that this team has gone through and accomplished in the current year, this newspaper writer is left on her feet saying, “Bravo, Bingham Ballroom!”