Boys Basketball Ranked 1st in State


Photo by Andee Bouwhuis

Kam Dupaix (left) giving his all for the Miners against Mountain Ridge on Feb. 11.

The Bingham Boys Basketball team has had an incredible season and has made it to the top of Utah’s rankings for a reason. Standing now at 22-3, Bingham’s varsity team is ranked 1st in the state and 1st in Utah’s 6A division. They’ve had outstanding wins and have only faltered three times during the season to Orem, Crean Lutheran, and Westlake. “We’ve all worked together so well this season and you can see that in the rankings. The hard work we keep putting in really counts,” remarked the Student Assistant Coach, Sam Roberts. 

The team has played their best all season giving the students at Bingham a great opportunity to show off their school pride. Students join together dressed in anything from cozy pajamas to cowboy boots and are ready to rock the court with their Miner spirit. “Seeing all of our friends in the bleachers gives us motivation to work as hard as we can. We want as many people to come to the games as possible because it makes the environment so much more fun and everyone can just have a good time,” stated Sam. 

This season the team has made some game winning plays and they managed to successfully beat Herriman and Copper Hills by just a few points early in February. Tensions were high at the Herriman game as the crowd went from gripping the edges of their seats to jumping up and screaming victory at the top of their lungs as the Miners won by just one point to the Mustangs. The Mustangs were a good match for the Miners and the scores stayed within a few points of each other for most of the game. However, Herriman couldn’t scrape up that last point and the game ended at 58-57. And at Copper Hills, Devin Carlson gave it his all and made multiple three pointers as well as a game changing steal during the end of the fourth quarter that had the Miners roaring his name and the Grizzlies mumbling their defeat as the game ended at another close 61-59. 

All of these remarkable wins are not only because of the endless hours the team spends practicing and perfecting their plays, but also because of the goals the team has set for this season and the support they get from their amazing coaches, managers, and fans. Coach Roberts commented on these goals by saying, “Our main goal has always been to win a State Championship. However, we’ve achieved so much along the way, like making it to Regions.”

One team member that has stood out this season and made Bingham proud is player #1, Kam DuPaix. Kam is a senior and has had an incredible last season at Bingham. He has an average of 13.4 points per game which is more than double the national average. Kam remarked on his extraordinary years at Bingham by saying, “It’s been a privilege to wear a Bingham jersey for the last four years and I’ve loved every second. I’ve always tried to follow after the legacy here at Bingham. I strive to be different and I will always take pride in playing here. It’s been my motivation to work as hard as I can and pass that legacy on.”

The team entered the playoffs at the end of February and started off with a bang, beating the Weber Warriors 75-58. However, they were unable to defeat Westlake on March 1 with a final score of 63-75. They gave this season their all and we can only watch as they continue to dominate Boys Basketball throughout the region in the years to come. And even though they couldn’t bring home a State Championship, they will always be #1 in our hearts and continue to make every Miner proud.