The Prospector

Letter to Lovers Everywhere

Aubrey Tanner, Op/Ed Editor February 4, 2019
We are all glad you're happy and have found someone and seem to be thriving. However, some of us have some requests to make.
You Don't Have to Kiss Him

You Don’t Have to Kiss Him

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor November 20, 2018
After Homecoming in September, I was shocked to hear so many stories about girls at my own school who didn’t want to kiss their date but did anyway.
Fortnite Fiasco

Fortnite Fiasco

Dane Durrant, Staff Writer November 20, 2018
From causing divorces, violence, and sluffing school, Fortnite may end up being the cause of social and mental issues kids are facing nowadays.
Dating in High School

Dating in High School

Aubrey Tanner, Art Editor October 15, 2018
Dating in high school is rough. It stretches your budget and creativity, and tests your scheduling abilities and confidence.
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