Letter to Lovers Everywhere

We are all glad you’re happy and have found someone and seem to be thriving. However, some of us have some requests to make.

First, we need to talk about public affection. Sure, holding hands is cute, but please don’t make out right in front of the classroom I’m trying to get into. You will see each other next class or at the end of the day. It’s the same situation with the bus. You will see each other tomorrow; please don’t make out right in front of the bus. I don’t really want to watch that. We know you love each other, but please let us get to class or ride the bus in peace.

Every Valentine’s Day, Couples complain about single people proclaiming that it’s “Singles Day”. In reality, some of us are just sad that we don’t have someone to be cute and cringey with. Please, cut us some slack this Valentine’s Day and let us pity ourselves in peace.

In high school, couples are learning how to date and learning how relationships work, which makes all of us feel awkward. According to Morgan Sullivan with the Burlington County Times, “If you have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with at my age, there’s a ridiculous high school mentality that endorses and enforces relationship attitudes that absolutely nauseates me.”

PDA (Public Displays of Affection), especially in high school, can be gross to witness. Some of us just aren’t ready or mature enough to handle that in a relationship, or witness that. Please give us single people some space. Sydnee Session, a junior at Bingham says, “Couples in the hall are annoying. When I’m walking in the halls I want to see my friends and poster of upcoming events(…) I do not want to see people slobbering all over each other. PDA is gross, and that is the tea.”

When you’re in ‘love’ you feel like the whole world is revolving around you two. You hold hands and are ‘cute’ in public. Your best friend may even say, “You two are so cute together.” In reality, no one cares.

Or you think that no one cares. So you make moves in public with your significant other. in the hall. We see you and most of us are grossed out.

So from the singles, we have made these small requests. We appreciate that you have someone, but some of us are jealous that you have someone or just don’t want to see you being cute in the hallway because we don’t want to vomit before class. Happy Valentine’s Day to the couples and the single people; may we all get along and have a nice Valentine’s Day.