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Respect for Teachers

Respect for Teachers

Aubrey Tanner and Maddy Reagan

May 17, 2018

Teachers are amazing. They work hard, they have to deal with crazy students and parents and worst of all they get paid very little money for how much work they do.

Respect For Leaders We Don’t Like

Respect For Leaders We Don't Like

JP Wilson, Staff Writer

February 21, 2018

Let’s be honest: when you hear “respect your leaders” you immediately put a qualification in there, such as, “I will respect them if they share my ideas” or, “I will show them the same amount of respect that they give me.”

Just Because I’m a Stranger

Just Because I'm a Stranger

Kameron Nuttal, Staff Writer

March 28, 2017

Just because someone is a complete stranger, doesn’t give you the right to judge them, sounds harsh but it’s true. Everyone can be judgmental, no matter what the environment is. Strangers judge strangers, in different situations, in different times of the day and we’re all guilty of it at some...

Respect: A Two Way Street

Konnor Woodburn, News Editor

January 31, 2017

Many of us have had that moment: the one where our parents tell us that we don’t show them enough respect and need to be better. That is the point where you might sit there and silently yell, “but I don’t get respect either”, and after that point whenever people start lecturing us on respect, ...