Respect for Teachers

Aubrey Tanner and Maddy Reagan

Teachers are amazing. They work hard, they have to deal with crazy students and parents and worst of all they get paid very little money for how much work they do. Let’s face it, every businessman, every lawyer, everyone has gotten where they are due to teachers; it’s our job and our duty to respect them and show them some appreciation because they deserve it the most. I know homework and projects seem endless and futile but we shouldn’t be rude to our teachers because they are the ones who help us improve and to get to places in life.

First off are names. For some reason, students expect their teachers to memorize all of their names. On the off-chance that a teacher does forget your name, some students will be in a tizzy and freak out. Trust me, it’s not that big of a deal that a teacher of over 200 students forgot someone’s name. Please, give them a break.

Another issue is lying. Just a little advice from one student to another, just tell the truth. If you didn’t do the assignment on time just admit it. Don’t dig yourself another hole or make things more difficult for both parties. Not only lying to the teacher, but students also cheat. Trust us, teachers can quite easily identify a phony essay so don’t risk your grade, do your work and don’t cheat.

Teachers are the ones that put up with our lazy, procrastinating selves and yet we lie to our parents and make it sound like we have a terrible teacher to mask our far worse grades. On top of teachers dealing with our lazy self, most of the time the parents will defend the child even if it’s blatantly the student’s fault. Tardies are terrible for the teachers to deal with, as they now have to spend 5 extra minutes going over the lecture another time, then doing all of the online work around a tardy. Let’s all admit, being tardy is annoying for both parties, not to mention the number of absences they deal with a day. When we’re absent; teachers are expected to reteach the student and get them back on track. Even if the student was purposely ditching school. Despite this, teachers are expected to show up all the time and heaven forbid they have a substitute because if they do, half of the class will complain and make fun of the poor, helpless sub.

Mrs. Sainsbury a Math teacher at Bingham said “keeping phones put away during class shows that the student has self-control, cares about the class and shows the teacher respect.”

Mrs. Peterson, a Spanish teacher here at Bingham said, “The main thing that students can do to show respect is just to listen and follow the class rules.” How simple is that? That’s not asking very much from us yet you would be surprised how many students can’t seem to even do that. Step up and at the bare minimum, listen.

Mr. Ferlo, the overseer of student body officers has a classroom policy in which a student is required to listen and stay awake in class and participate. This is how someone can be respectful to their teachers.

Long story short, we are entirely indebted to our teachers. We shouldn’t be mean to them, we shouldn’t back talk, and most importantly be diligent. Your teachers will be so thankful if you do and turn your work in on time and put an honest effort into it. If anyone in this world deserves respect it’s your teachers, so please owe them that. Teachers are amazing, so treat them that way.