The Reality of High School


Photo by Emma Mecham

Me and some of my closest friends at breakfast together.

Dear Bingham High School,

I remember the first day of my sophomore year, walking through the main doors for the first time with wide eyes, my nerves creating turbulence in my chest and uneasiness in my gut. It’s hard for me to believe that I ever felt so afraid of you, but then I remember that I am, in fact, only about five feet tall and one of the youngest in my grade. 

The reality of high school struck me faster than I could have anticipated, though, and walking through those same doors became a casual part of my every day. Bingham became my second home after only a few days of being there. I fell in love with the people around me, and that dread of spending seven hours a day sitting at a desk and learning became strangely desirable. It felt so good to be making my final strides prior to college.

Before I could take a look around, my junior year began and I actually started to believe the people who had told me that high school would fly past me in a blink of an eye. This second year held challenges, both those that I brought onto myself by taking hard classes, and those that could not have been foreseen. I had new mental health struggles that I could have never predicted. Depression crashed into me like a bus and knocked me out of the comfort zone I had finally created for myself. 

At this same time, I met some of my best friends and the most reliable people in my life, which I don’t believe to be a coincidence. Junior year was the year that I learned how much even just one person can change your life and how you see the world.

Then, life as we knew it came to a screeching halt. COVID-19 took the world by storm and stole mine, along with  hundreds of others’ high school experiences. I couldn’t go to all of the school events that made high school worth persevering through. The aspect of high school that I actually enjoyed—the socializing—completely vanished. 

As bitter as I could be about the circumstances, though, I have found myself the opposite. I find it amazing to be one of the youth that have seen and felt the effects of a global pandemic that is making history as I type this letter. Yes, I have missed out on some experiences that I otherwise would have had and, of course, being in a pandemic is not fun and comes with a lot of daily challenges. However, I have been able to witness firsthand the strength of our generation and how capable we are of coming together in difficult times. The lessons I have learned through Covid are things I wouldn’t trade for anything, including a normal senior year.

I know that looking back, my brain naturally selects the good memories to focus on and creates a nostalgia that I’d never otherwise have towards high school. I know that the three years I’ve spent in this old building were not always enjoyable. If you had asked me a year ago if I liked high school I would have responded with a boisterous “No!” But I also know that the good moments absolutely trump the bad ones and the relationships I’ve gained as a Miner will never be forgotten or replaced. I may have a love-hate relationship with high school, but I know with absolute certainty that Bingham High School will always hold a special spot in my heart.


Brinlee Eller

News Editor