Dear Bingham High School, Because of You


Dear Bingham High School,

It has been a short three years, or more like one and a half years. Times have been satisfactory, unsatisfactory, lingering, fleeting, carefree, stressful as heck, but throughout all of this not a single regret. In the words of your school song, I will always remember, “Bingham High as [my] happiest years.” Bingham, I realize that there was a lot that I have missed, but what I have had has been absolutely superb and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love you and will miss you every day as I move into the real world. I would like to remind you of all the good times we have had before I go. 

Sophomore year, I moved here fresh, I didn’t know a single soul. Through you I was able to make new friends and grow as a person. Since that day, “Because I knew you, I have been changed, for good.” Although some view this place as a Wicked place. I don’t think I could have.

Other people are done and ready for high school to be over. But as much of it has been stolen from my senior class and the senior class of 2020. I am not ready for it to be over. There is so much of the high school experience that I have not been able to experience. So many experiences I know that you would be happy to give to me.


Dear Bingham, goodbye

It was short but very sweet

Thank you, dear Bingham


I hope you enjoyed my Haiku, Bingham. I wrote it for you. <3

Bingham, because of you I met Alyssa Anderson, Addie Harker, Luke Cragun, Tyrese Sheriff, Brycen Eaton, Bethany Nicholls, Jacob Mcbride, James Davies, Dakota Ashby, Robert VanNoy, Kevin VanNoy, JonLuke Lundberg, Peter Young, Tanner Bartlome, Kenna Mitchell, Carter Jensen, Carson Day, Harrison Winegar, Alexa Herrera, Gavin Lee, Rachael Nufer, Ben Tate, Aidan Kemp, Cynthia Jacobson, Jaxson Player, Ethan Smith, Chris Paepke, McKay Maynes, Brittany James, Devon Parikh, Cameron Hick, Hannah Sasine, Aerin Dyal, Kate Delany, Cale Montoya, Natalie Jack, Clark Hodges, Nicole Bearden, Dominique Morrison, Alee Estrada, Joel Spendlove, Lauren Smith, Haiden Warburton, Elena Morris, Miles Miller, Cole Crosby, John Dyal, Jonathan Hansen, Ethan Delany, Casey Copier, Lily Larsen, Brayden Gardner, Taytum Ligman, Abby Sorenson, Russell Carlson, Marielle McDonald, Parker Schulsen, Holly Snow, Jack Rose, Brandon Weeks, Eric James, Ethan Carlson, Tavo Estrada, Joel Peterson, Jacob Dishman, Madi Dial, Natalie Marsden, Mason Pace, Connor Abeyta, Kaylee Hoth, Isaac Gilbert, Laney Hansen, Nathan Prestwich, Kiana Beam, Makenna Ashby, Walker Millet, Jacob Knighton, Maya Borrowman, Emma Rains, Brian Ferguson, Emily Hill, John Evershed, Austin Nguyen, Cade Poulter, Cameron Ross, Emma Powell, Grace Nufer, Sam Levitre, Jace Curtis, MJ Stowell, Angela White, Ryan Steckler, Brinley Taylor, Ellie Thacker, Jaxson Galli, Mr. Jason Purdie, Ms. Brittany Andersen, Ashley Dickerson, Kasey Ward, Dallin Nichols, Marissa Jolley, Chailyn Barney, Ashley Romrell, Jessika Cole, Erin Darby, Shane Ward, Tucker Daynes, Caleb Matthews, Julee Williams, and who I really am. I could never thank you enough for that.

In short, there is nothing I can say in this letter except thank you so so so much.

-Your dearest love, Jayven Glen Thompson