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Trombones, Cymbals, and Talent

Trombones, Cymbals, and Talent

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer November 13, 2017
Many students at Bingham High School are talented, some adore the arts, some love theatre, others like to be a role model to other students. Then there are people like Sadie Bailey, a junior at Bingham High School, who dabbles in every band class and extracurricular Bingham has to offer.
A Musically Evolved Friendship

A Musically Evolved Friendship

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer & Photographer October 9, 2017
Taryn Jones and Megan Bentley have been good friends for a while and music have only brought them closer.
Amelie Vogl

Amelie Vogl

Aubrie Hickmon , News Editor October 9, 2017
Amelie Vogl is a junior at Bingham High School and a foreign exchange student from Germany.

Annette Ford

Kaley Lacey May 15, 2017

The art hallway in Bingham High is my favorite hallway. You may find some of Annette Ford’s artwork on display. Annette, a senior at Bingham, is a fantastic artist. Her artwork is amazing and so creative....

Jay Tufele

Kelsey Heffernan , Staff Writer March 28, 2017

Jay Tufele is a name that will be going down in Bingham football history. He started playing football in 5th grade, and although it was a rocky start, he managed to excel into a five-star recruit and commit...

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