A Musically Evolved Friendship


Photo by Megan Bentley & Taryn Jones

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer & Photographer

Taryn Jones and Megan Bentley have been good friends for a while and music have only brought them closer.

These two friends have transformed their friendship through music. Taryn Jones, (also known as Taryn Kalyse) and Megan Bentley, both sophomores at Bingham High School, together create a harmony of both music and friendship. They bring things to the table that blend well together. From the instruments they play, to how they sing, this duo knows how to appeal to people.

Their song titled “Lost Souls” was released on the iTunes store February 8th of 2016. Bentley said, “Lost Souls” is about two people going through something, thinking they’re alone but then finding out that they’re dealing with the same thing. It’s like they’re both dealing with the same problems but lost in what trials they are going through.” Jones said, “We wanted a song that people could relate to and something you could feel.”

I believe that this catchy tune with a very heavy meaning is so good it’s sure to give you the chills and provide some much-needed healing in our busy world.

Their talent, however, far exceeds what is heard in the song. Both play instruments, but what is really fascinating is how they play instruments. Bentley said she plays the piano and has been playing the piano since she was six years old, but she also plays the guitar and the ukulele and taught herself how. Jones said “I play the guitar mostly and am self-taught. I also play a little bit of ukulele but that’s just from what Megan has taught me….  I can teach myself songs and how to play them but I can’t read music .” Being self-taught really adds a fascinating element to their music, one unseen or unheard in their music, and an element of hard work, dedication and true talent. It is truly fascinating that they are self-taught, and how music brings these two together.