Chloe Wise


Photo by Unknown

Accidentally going from an ordinary girl to an Olympic athlete overnight sounds impossible,
but it is exactly what happened to Bingham senior Chloe Wise.

Wise got introduced to Olympic lifts through CrossFit inn 2014; she started because one of
her neighbors recommended it to her. Wise said that her favorite part of every CrossFit workout
was always the two Olympic lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch. Once she found out that
weightlifting was an actual sport she was ecstatic; she attended her first weightlifting meet the
next Saturday.

After having fun in the first meet, she found out that she qualified for the 2016 Junior
National Tournament that was going to be held later that year in Texas. Wise said, “I hit the
numbers easily, and all of the sudden I was going to Texas.” After training hard for a few
months, she went to the Youth National Tournament and took fourth in the nation.

During the summer of 2017, Wise took fifth in the Junior National Tournament; little did
she know that Team U.S.A took the top two weightlifters from every age group to compete
internationally. Wise said, “I kinda made Team U.S.A. on accident.” She was competing against
older women, so for her own age group of under 18 she had placed second in the nation.

The day she found out that she made the team her whole life changed. It seemed like
she was just doing what she loved and having fun, but all of the sudden she was an
international athlete.

Being on Team U.S.A. is a dream come true, but it also comes with sacrifices. She
works out for three hours a day minimum, six days a week. “I can’t go out on a Friday night and
be a crazy teenager because I have to get up at seven the next morning and be one hundred
percent ready.”

Wise’s ultimate goal is to get to the Olympics. Only seven girls get to go to the Olympics
every four years and the 2020 team is already decided, so she hopes to make the 2024 team. In the meantime, despite receiving two full-ride offers to weight lift at colleges, she wants to stay in
Utah and go to cosmetology school while focusing on her one on one weightlifting training with
her current coach.