Pinning Ceremony

Becky Weber
January 31 • 420 views
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Bingham is known for it’s many traditions, and one of these traditions is the Pinning ceremony. In order to obtain a pin it requires a person to be pretty deeply invested into one section of the school, whether it’s dance, Language Arts, or theater. Pinning ceremonies can be held in many different...

Electoral College vs Popular Vote

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
January 31 • 105 views
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On the night of November 8, 2016 Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. In the next couple of weeks more information would come out about the exact numbers that got him elected. Hillary Clinton, his Democrat opponent clocked in at 65,844,954 votes and Trump ended up with,...

College Application Competition

Brooklyn Bailey, Copy Editor
December 13 • 184 views
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Nobody tells you how to write a good college application.  They just tell you to get a good ACT score and to make good grades.  But what they don’t tell you is that you will get into college, even if you don’t have the best ACT score.  Something else they don’t tell you is that you probably...

The Decline of Obscure Social Media

Kallie Brown, Artist
December 13 • 138 views
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On October 27, 2016, Twitter announced they were shutting down one of their secondary apps: Vine. It’s not the first of small social medias to disappear, either. According to Statista, a site dedicated to collecting statistics, the average person spends more than 2 hours every day on social media....

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
December 13 • 139 views
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Utah is famous for its towering mountains and the tons of powdery snow that blankets them. People travel from all over for a chance to ski or board one of our world class ski resorts and those native to Utah take advantage of what is referred to as “the greatest snow on earth”. The majority of Utah’s...

Meet the Ladies of the Main Office

Konnor Woodburn, News Editor
December 12 • 151 views
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You’ve seen them dozens of times when you go to ask a question or pay a fine, but chances are you really don’t know their names or who they are. Jayne Aguilar, Jill McGary, Chris Westra, Kristen Hogan, Rachel Smith, Kerrie Clark, and Lisa Ford are the familiar faces behind the counter, but what you...

Zika Will Kill You!

Zika Will Kill You!

Ana Ramos, Staff Writer
December 12 • 133 views
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Many people are choosing not to go to tropical countries because they fear a relatively new virus named Zika which has been getting a lot of attention lately. Now it’s spreading at an alarming rate and has reached the United States. The worrying factor is actually that people fail to understand what...

Sterling Scholars

Sterling Scholars

Kelsey Heffernan, Social Media Manager
December 12 • 186 views
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Being selected as a Sterling Scholar is one of the greatest recognitions a Bingham student can receive. It is almost impossible to make it through three years at Bingham and not hear about Sterling Scholars, yet there are many people who do not know what a sterling scholar even is. It is important...

Miner Football Team Goes Back on Top

Giancarlo Diotaiuti and Jessie Melton
November 24 • 204 views
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On November 18th, the Bingham Miners football team took home the state championship trophy with a score of 17-10, beating the Lone Peak Knights and completing their famed “Revenge Tour”. This championship is Bingham’s third in the past four years. The game started off slow for the Miners. Af...

Your Vote Counts

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
November 21 • 172 views
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Local and State elections often get ignored in the midst of the glamour of the presidential election. They don’t get the same attention or press of the national election. Many voters are not aware of these elections and what candidates and issues will be on the ballot. State and local elections more...