Ana Ramos
January 31 • 110 views
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Shack is a forthright, incredibly intelligent and honest teacher; and a very maternal, caring, hardworking woman, said Ms. Bridge, one of our history teachers here at Bingham that has known Mrs. Shackelford for six years. Ms. Bridge suggests that people talk about politics and restaurants with Shack,...

Respect: A Two Way Street

Konnor Woodbury, News Editor
January 31 • 87 views
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Many of us have had that moment: the one where our parents tell us that we don’t show them enough respect and need to be better. That is the point where you might sit there and silently yell, “but I don’t get respect either”, and after that point whenever people start lecturing us on respect, ...

Open Letter to the Teachers, Love the Kids

Gracie Shoell
January 31 • 89 views
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Dear Teachers, As students, there is nothing we appreciate more than you being willing to take the time to help us after school when we’re struggling with understanding an assignment, or when you’re willing to let us retake the latest test because we didn’t do so well the first time around (in...

Set Your Calendar to Fail

Brooklyn Bailey
January 31 • 93 views
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Time is a concept that humans built. Why is January the beginning of the year?  Who chose the most depressing month, statistically speaking, to be the “fresh start”? Nobody really knows why it is that the first day of the year is when people tend to make goals that are so often forgotten within...

The Plague Called “Senioritis”

Giancarlo Diotaiuti and Brooklyn Bailey
January 31 • 76 views
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Stories are often told about a disease. This disease sets in sometime around a student’s senior year of high school, when the chore that school begins to become unbearable. The name of this illness? Senioritis. Senioritis is a common term for an epidemic of chronic laziness that comes to students...

Romance of Winter

Emily Rodrigues, Op/Ed editor
December 12 • 150 views
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Sharing hot chocolates, huddling close, and blanket fort Christmas movie marathons are all things that make the memorable intimate moments of winter.  When there is so much holiday rush and running inside to chase away the freezing cold, sometimes we forget about how romantic and sweet winter can be. There...

Dear Parents

Dear Parents

Mitch Potter, Online Editor
December 12 • 122 views
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In nature, we see parents protecting their cubs from all the dangers that life throws at them. They gather food for their young, fight off predators, and love them as they raise them. Now in high school, we see our parents as one of the most annoying obstacles that stand in our way of “living our lives”....

The Friendzone…

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
December 12 • 128 views
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The different between a “boy friend and a boyfriend or a girl friend and a girlfriend is a little space called the friend zone.” According to Webster’s Dictionary the “friendzone” is defined as, a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic...

Refugees in Utah

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
November 8 • 227 views
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As tensions grow in the Middle East and more people are forced to flee their homes, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of Refugees coming to the U.S. A total of 85,000 refugees entered the United States this year, according to Pew Research, forty-four percent of those refugees were Christian...

Use Your Words

Ana Ramos, Staff Writer
November 8 • 133 views
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The mail…the phone…the computer…the cellphone…the smartphone! Stop and think about how much our methods of communication have changed in the course of less than a century (and how much shorter the messages have gotten too). When was the last time you’ve taken a while to write a well thought...