Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good

  • Valentine’s Day as a couple
  • Remembering your password
  • Messaging that special someone on Zoom during online classes
  • New shoes that are immediately comfortable
  • Hitting the snooze button

The Bad

  • Valentine’s Day as a single
  • Forgetting your password and having to reset it
  • Getting ghosted by that special someone
  • Boys that can’t take a hint
  • “Wanna break from the ads???”

The Ugly

  • Valentine’s Day when you started as a couple but turned single
  • Your new password is the SAME as your old password
  • The teacher can see that you got ghosted while you were supposed to be listening to their lecture
  • Waking up with your eyes crusted together with sleep dust crap
  • Saying you will run on the treadmill, but you said that a week ago and still haven’t done it