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The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

Marching band members participating in their last rehearsal before their show.

Band—More Than Just Music

Jaida DeMill, Sports Editor February 16, 2021

Band is not your typical one-and-done class here at Bingham. It is something beyond quickly memorizing facts for a final to pass or staying up late submitting work before midnight hits. Being in band connects...

Good, Bad, Ugly

Good, Bad, Ugly

Jacob Lloyd and 2020-2021 Prospector Staff February 16, 2021

The Good Valentine’s Day as a couple Remembering your password Messaging that special someone on Zoom during online classes New shoes that are immediately comfortable Hitting the snooze...

The Bingham Minerettes Team

Bingham Minerettes Take State

Molly Laukka February 16, 2021

5, 6, 7, 8, HUH. With their characteristic counting and flawless routines, the Minerettes once again have another region title and state championship under their belt.  Over the past year the Bingham...

Photo of the M1 MacBook Pro

Review: M1 the Computer of the Future

Hannah Blankman February 16, 2021

If you have ever used one of the school computers, you know how awful they can be. The slow Chromebooks that tend to overheat if you do anything more than type a question into Google. The desktops that...

How to Say “No”

How to Say “No”

Cale Montoya, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

Before continuing my column about fun date ideas, I see it fit that I should cover a topic that can be sensitive but necessary.  At our age, dating can be awkward or scary. To some people, dating isn’t...

Joe Biden

President Biden’s First Month in Office

Jaiden Gunn, A&E Editor February 16, 2021

With less than a month in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden is making changes and not looking back. The following are some of the recent changes President Biden has made: For students in the United...

The Bingham Girl’s Basketball Team unites in their game against Viewmont High School.

Queens of the Court

Sophia Warnas February 16, 2021

Teamwork, dedication, and passion. These are the qualities exemplified when the Bingham Girls’ Basketball Team steps onto the court. This season they learned what it means to face any challenge together....

One of Emma Mechams latest crystal creations.

Art is Abounding in South Jordan

Brinlee Eller, News Editor February 16, 2021

 It can be both beautiful and ugly, bold and bland, innovative and traditional. It allows people to relax or get riled up, remain quaint or declare their passions, hideaway or get involved. What am I...

A drought in north america that lasted 18 years.

Droughts and Doubts

Brittany James, Staff writer February 16, 2021

Worried about the lack of rainfall and snowpack this season, Utahns brace for the impact of a potentially dry summer. There has been quite a bit of talk from local news sources that Utah is preparing for...

The (fake) playbill created by Jess Siswick

“Ratatouille” has a new twist

Mandy Jenkins, Editor-in-Cheif February 16, 2021

Anyone can cook, including a rat that won the heart of food critics and audience members alike. The beloved rat from the past, Remy, from “Ratatouille” is back! There is now “Ratatouille” in musical...

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