This Year’s Spectacular


Photo by Elliott Brown

After long days of classes, the cast and crew of Shrek the Musical are still at the school, working tirelessly to put on a show that will be nothing less than epic. With intricate sets, ogre transformations, and a twenty-foot long dragon, the school musical is something that you won’t want to miss.

Shrek the Musical is a “Spectacular.” A “Spectacular” in theatre terms is a show that is especially elaborate and grand, and Shrek the Musical is sure to be just that. Justin Hoffer, a senior at Bingham and ensemble member of the play said, “because it’s a spectacular, there’s more of everything.”  Spectaculars are only put on every three years here at Bingham, so there’s a lot of pressure to make this one as sensational as years past. Lauren Heaps, Bingham senior, and Stage Manager for the musical said:  “the pressure mostly comes from how technical the show is.”  But according to Bingham senior Sydney Peebler, who plays Fiona in the show, that’s what makes this show different than any musical she’s done before. “There’s so much stage magic!” Peebler said, “The costumes, transformations, sets, having a puppets nose growing on stage, and dance company performing in the show, it’s all just so magical.”

Another thing that the cast works hard at is transforming the movie we all loved when we were little, into a show we’ll all love just as much now. Brady Genessy, Bingham senior and Shrek in the show, as well as Jackson Holladay, Bingham junior who plays Donkey, said that the transformation from film to stage is difficult, but it’s also something for the audience to look forward to. “It’s hard because we all grew up watching the movie, so everyone knows what to expect coming to the show, you know, the fart jokes, the onion metaphors, etcetera,” Holladay said. Although, Gennessy was quick to add “It’s also really cool because they’ll get to Shrek in a different way.”

According to ensemble member Tyler Ross, there are a lot of differences between the film and stage productions. “It’s not just like the movie. It’s still super funny, but it shows a good moral of inner beauty…like a comedic, gross, Beauty and the Beast.”  Ross said. Erica Williams, a junior at Bingham and teen Fiona in the show added onto Ross’s comment and said, “That’s why it’s so fun; the moral teaches us to just be ourselves and embrace our weirdness, and the comedic side really allows the audience to get involved.”

The school musical opens Friday, November 17th and will run through Tuesday, November 21st. Make sure to attend at least one of the performances to support your peers and see a fantastic show because Shrek the Musical promises to be nothing short of spectacular.