The Mighty Miners Pit Crew

Rachel Van Leeuwen, Staff Writer

A student section is defined as a group of students that attend athletic games and events at a school. They are loud and proud in their support of their classmates on and off the field. Well-known student sections include the MUSS (Mighty Utah Student Section) at the University of Utah and the ROC (Roar of Cougars) at Brigham Young University.

Bingham’s spirit club is known as the Bingham Pit Crew. Tyler Hewitt, Bingham senior, VP of Spirit, and President of Pit Crew, said that Pit Crew’s purpose is to, “increase school spirit and get people to go support each other.” Pit Crew is made up of the most spirited miners on campus, including Bingham’s 2017-2018 Student Government and Cheer Team. The spirit club is made up of 136 members and is growing each day.

Pit Crew has been a spirit club at Bingham for many years. However, in the last few years, it has slowly faded out as one of our clubs at Bingham. This year Hewitt worked with the Administration to bring Pit Crew back.

When asked if being VP of Spirit at Bingham was a stressful job, Hewitt said, “Not really. Bingham has a lot of spirit already. Technically, I could do nothing and we’d be fine. We are trying to increase school spirit with Pit Crew.” In a 2017 competition presented by Varsity Brands, Bingham was awarded second place for “America’s Most Spirited High School.” Bingham already has a lot of school spirit. Pit Crew takes our school spirit to a new level.

Members of Bingham’s spirit club wear their Pit Crew t-shirts every Friday to show support for Bingham High’s Football Team and show the student body that we are ready for game day. Students can join Pit Crew throughout the year by paying a ten dollar fee in the main office and taking their receipt to a Student Government member. When you join, you receive your own Pit Crew t-shirt and are added to the Pit Crew group chat to receive updates about events at Bingham. Members of Bingham’s spirit club will attend school events with other Pit Crew members and cheer on athletics at Bingham. Members will also attend meetings to come up with ideas for Spirit Week and other events.

Rachel Feldman, Bingham senior and Student Body President, said, “I think the most important thing that Pit Crew as a club can do is spread love and school spirit.” Hewitt, Feldman, and the rest of Bingham’s Pit Crew are committed to doing just that. Together, they intend to increase Bingham’s school spirit and spread a love of “Miner Magic.” Pit Crew presents the student body with an amazing opportunity to meet new people, cheer on Bingham athletics, and fall in love with the atmosphere here at Bingham.