A Very Hallmark Christmas

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

In a Hallmark movie, you wake up in a small town wearing a flannel and a vest, walking down a snow-covered street heading to your favorite coffee shop with your best friend. You order a coffee and a croissant, you live the perfect life in the perfect little town. Yet, your plans become foiled after running into a handsome stranger, the coffee is down, the coffee everywhere. It’s okay, he doesn’t mind; as this handsome stranger makes your heart swoon. If only life could be as romantic and easygoing as Hallmark movie set it out to be. I and many others love this channel as it truly captures the holiday spirit and makes you hopeful.

Every year the Hallmark channel releases multiple different stories and renditions of classics that are even more popular than other Christmas Classics. The Los Angeles Times said “Even Ebenezer Scrooge might have been impressed with how TV networks are profiting from holiday movies.

These holiday movies are proliferating because they’re cheap to produce, generate strong ratings and lots of advertising revenue for the television networks. Hallmark parent Crown Media Holdings credited its holiday programming for helping to spur an 11% increase in advertising revenue last year to $328 million.”

The Hallmark channel was created in 2000, The official web page for Hallmark said ever since then, they have added a mystery channel and a drama channel. These three channels have created over 720 movies on the TV platform. These movies captivate their viewers, by always having movies being released, re-ran or reincarnated. The Washington Post said that “Hallmark Channel was the fourth-most-watched channel on TV” last year, this is an interesting statistic that further explains the continual holiday spirit found among viewer and admirers of these movies.

Hallmark also generates revenue from product placement, car companies, clothing brands, and bakeries make their way into the movie by having actor enjoying their product. They proclaim how much they enjoy their treats, or love their clothing, it’s a sneaky yet smart way to make money; Who wouldn’t want a yummy hot chocolate after watching one of these movies?

Hallmark is also known for their actors, famous people like Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls, Candace Cameron Bure from Full and Fuller House, even famous movie actress Joan Cusack will make an occasional appearance in these movies. Hallmark is also making a conscious effort of including diversity in their shows, they have actors with different body types, different races and have even had same-sex couples featured; Hallmark includes everyone in their movies.

We have to thank Hallmark, for their prolific movie production and we also have to thank their production team for creating these sentimental shows. When families gather around the TV all cozy in their blankets watching this festive channel something truly happens, one might even call it a Christmas Miracle