More Than the School Hymn

Kallie Brown, A&E Editor

Most Bingham students know the Madrigals as the singers in blue polo shirts who sing the school hymn after assemblies. While that may be one of their most common performances, the Madrigals are involved in much more than keeping us quiet for the last five minutes of assemblies.

Back in September, for instance, they performed at Bingham’s 9/11 Color Me Miner run, encouraging runners as they finished their 5 or 10ks. Other performances include the Candlelight nights, where all musical departments share their talent with the school.

Olivia Bagley, a Bingham senior who is both on Choir Council and a Madrigal, loves the social side of her choirs. “[The Madrigals] have become more of a family,” she said, after seventeen performances in December― often two or three on Saturdays― and a class every day together.

Aside from the Madrigal-specific class, those in the group are required to take A Capella. This class is open to almost anyone who wishes to audition, with a class size of 110. Dillan Burnett, another Madrigal and Choir Council member, loves the opportunity to sing every day. “Men’s Choir was one of my favorite years, but A Cappella is so much fun. It’s fantastic.”

The Choir Council, built from students of every choir class, helps to plan socials and choose music. The Council president, Zach Marsh, and his father actually arranged one of the songs the Madrigals sang during Christmas: That’s Christmas to Me, by Pentatonix. One of their biggest goals this year is to keep the classes close together, promoting unity between the members. With such huge classes, they have their work cut out.

Auditions for next year’s Madrigals aren’t until May, but Dillan Burnett encourages all to audition, especially men. Normally, the Madrigals are unbalanced with more girls than boys because few men audition. “It’s the most amazing experience. I wish I could do it again next year, but sadly, I’m graduating.” If you have a passion for singing, this is the choir for you.