Life of an Arts Officer

Music and soft songs, the sound of feet across a stage. Power and projection. The laugh of an audience and the claps of butterflies in stomachs.

The arts: something everyone sees but can overlook in an instance. Of course, there are those who do indulge in the arts but some go the extra mile. We have four prominent art departments here at Bingham: Theatre, Choir, Orchestra and Band. The process to become a leader in these is even more rigorous than the day-to-day art struggles. This year a whole new leadership has taken hold at Bingham. Theatre President Hannah Gould gave us her opinion on the matter, “This is something that I have wanted to do for a really long time, and it’s something I love doing.” Being a president can be really challenging, plus our theatre department does a lot through the year especially when it comes time for the musical, “I definitely feel an obligation to kind of put theatre out there… it’s actually really fun and if people try it I think they might really like it.”

Working hard to run the show is one thing, but Orchestra Officer of Publicity Karly Hartle, is pushing to keep the students informed, “It can be hard because of class changes, and Thompson can change his mind…” As well as keeping the Orchestras informed she has to keep on a brave face. Individual responsibilities are one thing and being a role model is another mountain in itself. “As Officers we have to go to Early Morning Symphony, which is really early, and I hate waking up in the morning. I try to keep the kids hyped and be someone they can talk to.”

Mr. North isn’t a new teacher, but hasn’t been here as long as our other arts teachers. Keeping up with his coworkers can be tough but his officers are there through thick and thin, “the Choir class Officers are there for a lot of behind-the-scenes help. They help with concerts and also helping be a source for students who need more help.” As an arts teacher officers can be a make or break, and the Choir Officers are on top of everything.

Behind every great officer is an even greater teacher. From Marching band to a plain old brass section Bingham’s is bigger than you would expect. Darin Graber tirelessly keeps track of the crazy that groups in the band room. He is constantly in sync with every class he has and his strength is definitely delegating. Make sure to keep an eye out for our sweater art enthusiast!