Singin’ in the Rain: Bingham’s Upcoming Musical


Photo by Colin Smith

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

After most students have gone home for the day, voices can still be heard coming from the West side of the school as students and teachers work hard to produce the next stage production: Singing In the Rain.

Singing In The Rain is a musical adapted from the 1952 movie of the same name. The show is set in the the late 1920’s and revolves around actor Don Lockwood, his comedic sidekick Cosmo Brown, leading lady Lina Lamont, and up-and-coming actress Kathy Selden as Hollywood makes the transition from the silent film era to “talkies.”  The film as well as the musical is full of laughs, epic dance numbers, heartfelt ballads, and upbeat songs.

Bingham’s drama department always puts on impressive productions whether it’s plays, one acts, or the annual school musical. But before the spectacular final product we get to see there is hours of rehearsal that goes into making the show what it is. Sound engineer and dancer in the show, Bingham senior Gandon Ludwig said about practices, “…As we get closer to the performance they [the rehearsals] get longer. There are separate rehearsals for dancers, ensemble, and different characters, then we do ones with everyone together to coordinate everything.” As the cast gets closer to opening night they start doing run-throughs of the entire show to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. These practices also help the cast bond and perform well together. Bingham senior Hannah Could, who plays Kathy Selden in the show said, “…being in the musical together has given us [the cast] a space to do what we love with the people we love, as well as welcoming some new faces and making new friends.”

All of the hard work has paid off in the past to form amazing shows and with such an amazing lineup it’s sure to do the same this year.  “The musical is iconic, high energy, and full of amazing musical numbers. The story is so captivating and is being performed by passionate, talented kids who love what they do.” said Gould. Miners planning on going to the show should look forward not only to the amazing cast but also the work from the crew, who are planning to literally, “make it rain.”

Bingham’s Singin’ in the Rain is sure to be as amazing as the past musicals the school has produced. The show opens on Friday November 16th and runs through the 20th, so be sure to catch a show to cheer on all the hard work our peers have put in to the show. You certainly won’t regret it.