Where to get Student Discounts

We all wish we were millionaires. Even if your after-school job pays well, or your parents pay for your gas, there’s still only so many hours in the week.

Thank goodness the senior discount isn’t just for senior citizens. All around the state there are discounts to help high school students save a little cash.

Many different types of companies, from restaurants to clothes stores, offer discounts for students. Depending on the store, the discounts may be available in-person or online or both. According to the website Dealhack, a lot of the stores work in affiliation with a student-ID website, such as UNiDAYS. With UNiDAYS, you simply create an account—it’s free—and you instantly have access to information about hundreds, possibly thousands, of student discounts. All you need to do is verify your student-status with your UNiDAYS account–or another website similar to it. Some stores also accept a valid student ID and don’t require an account with any of these programs. UNiDAYS allows you to search by the name of the company or by the type of company, such as restaurants or furniture.

Many companies in South Jordan and the surrounding area actually offer discounts to teens, and even Bingham students specifically. Sassy Nails, just down the street from Bingham, offers a 25% off to Bingham Students and according to BHS senior Paityn Morris, they do a “..fantastic job. I was so happy with how they turned out.” Delton Bowling Alley in Riverton offers a discount where kids seventeen and under bowl two free games every weekday from 10 a.m – 5 p.m (no registration required). The music streaming platform Spotify offers a 50% discount for students over eighteen and enrolled in college, this includes those at Bingham registered at SLCC.

There are discounts all over for people of all ages as well. At Buffalo Wild Wings students can receive a 10% discount when they present a valid student ID; there are also varying discounts on wings every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Both the Megaplex and Cinemark offer discounts on movie tickets on Tuesdays.

Companies all over the valley have programs to help us students save a couple bucks一you just have to know where to take advantage of them.