Uncover the Local Indie Rock Music Scene


Photo by Ben A. Adams

Members of Papercut Party, Caden Abilla (left), Nick Romrell (center), and Liv Anderson (right), playing at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, Utah.


The Salt Lake Valley is full of local bands and artists from any musical genre you can imagine. Many of these artists attract a small, but lively crowd. They play shows at local venues like Kilby Court and The Loading Dock, which are both located in Salt Lake City. These shows are the perfect place to meet new people, discover new music, and to just have an overall unique and unforgettable experience. 


My friends and I have been following a local band called Papercut Party since August. They play originals and covers that are mainly of the indie and rock genres. One of my close friends, Ximena Santana, remarked, “Going to a Papercut Party show is honestly like a breath of fresh air. It’s so nice to just be able to let go for a night and have fun with my friends while listening to really good music.” The atmosphere I’ve experienced at Papercut shows is really unique. Everyone is super friendly and we all just get to jump around and let the music consume us for a night.


Papercut Party was started almost a year ago for Bingham’s Battle of the Bands. The group met at the informational meeting and decided to join with each other and compete, where they took first place. They moved onto regionals, taking first again, and have been playing together ever since. Papercut along with other local bands like The Sols, Blond, and Wishing Well have risen in popularity and were all started by high schoolers from around the valley. Another one of my friends, Alicia Relph, stated, “I’ve honestly noticed more people coming to Papercut shows which makes the whole night way more fun since so many people get to experience it. In my opinion, everyone should come to one of their shows at least once in their life because it’s truly unforgettable.” 


Papercut Party has four members and I got the chance to interview their lead guitarist, Caden Abilla. Caden is a student at Bingham and is a member of both Papercut Party and The Sols. He’s had a passion for music for a long time and stated, “Being in the bands has impacted my life a lot and in a really positive way. I have a nice outlet and something to do outside of school and work which has honestly really helped me.”


There are always shows going on and you can check out Papercut’s Instagram @papercut.party for information on dates, locations, and other bands performing. You can also check out Bingham’s Battle of the Bands on January 8, 2022 where Papercut Party will be appearing once again. The local music scene is the perfect way to make some new memories, meet tons of people, and experience original songs as well as different takes on familiar favorites.