The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

The Student Newspaper of Bingham High School

The Prospector

A boy turns to his phone after feeling anxious.

Phone Addiction is Destroying Gen Z

Megan Boyle December 15, 2021

According to a survey of 74 Bingham students, 68% claim to spend anywhere between 4 and 10 hours a day on their phones. If we average this out to 7 hours a day, that means that these students spend about...

Heard it in the Halls

Sarah Storm December 15, 2021

“Sometimes it just smells like school lunch.”   “He is a good guy—he opened the door for me.”  “But he cheated on you.”   “Would you still love me if I was a fish?”  *Without...

Assorted shirts hanging on a clothing rack

Save the Planet Through Shopping

Alexa Tate December 15, 2021

Fast fashion is a growing issue with new trends coming out faster than ever. To manufacture clothes, the fast fashion industry exports production overseas for cheap labor, and each manufactured item has...

Bingham vs. Orem game on November 28

Girls Basketball Experience Early Success

Tehani Todd, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

The girls basketball season is underway! Girls basketball tryouts were Nov. 8-10. Eighteen girls made it on the team and their season goes on until their final game against West Jordan on Feb. 17. Leslie...

Members of Papercut Party, Caden Abilla (left), Nick Romrell (center), and Liv Anderson (right), playing at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, Utah.

Uncover the Local Indie Rock Music Scene

Bella Klinzing, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

The Salt Lake Valley is full of local bands and artists from any musical genre you can imagine. Many of these artists attract a small, but lively crowd. They play shows at local venues like Kilby Court...

Students Become Christmas Elves Through Sub for Santa

Students Become Christmas Elves Through Sub for Santa

Syd Alexander, Social Media Manager December 15, 2021

You wake up Christmas morning not expecting presents, but under your tree, you see Santa came, or maybe just his local elves. Bingham High School’s Sub for Santa program has inspired these Christmas...

A menorah has been lit for Hanukkah

Hanukkah Highlights

Sarah Storm, Minertorial Editor December 15, 2021

Everyone knows that Hanukkah is a Jewish winter holiday. However, do we really know what it is all about? In elementary school you probably remember making a little paper menorah for your culture lesson...

Eltz Castle by robert.molinarius is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Damoiseau in Distress

Robyn Ward, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 15, 2021

A girl, about seventeen, was walking briskly through the hallways of a massive castle. She was holding a huge basket filled with bread, fruits, and the finest meats. The girl, Emeline, had just gone to...

en|1=an exercise of biceps

The Concern for Body Dysmorphia

Miles Miller, Sports Editor December 1, 2021

The reality about how girls struggle with their body image is largely well-known thanks to social media and advertising. Without belittling the problem, it’s important to see the perspective of how and...

Swimmer Ethan Scott

Swim Team to Race at Park City Invitational

Brekken Peck December 1, 2021

Being part of a swim team includes waking up at 4:00 a.m. during the school week and driving to Kearns just to swim. According to Ethan Scott, a junior on the Bingham swim team, “It’s a lot of hard...

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