Ms. Quist is Missing Pt. 3


Photo by Sarah Storm

Mrs. Cunningham is trapped! (No Syds were harmed in the making of this article)

“SILENCE!” The sub screeched. “Young man, this is your last warning before you suffer the same fate as your past teacher.”                       

Brandon’s face fell into confusion, “What do you mean the same fate as our teacher?”

“I-uh-I mean-it’s a… a possibility…uh…” Cunningham stammered.

“It sounds like you got the scoop for the detective, Ms. Annoying pants,” Josh spat back.

The detective stood, “I would like to get the scoop. Specifically the scoop involving how you are involved with our missing teacher because I don’t think that it was part of your plan for us to find out was it?” 

“I do not have to answer to insubordinate students who don’t know how to follow simple instructions,” Cunningham snarled.

The detective held her ground, “You may not answer to us, but I know someone you have to answer to: Mr. Grimshaw. In fact I think it’s time that I alert him to this situation. Sky, Aurora, and Evan, you all know what to do. Ms. Cunningham, I strongly suggest that you don’t move a muscle. In fact, you should take a seat, Ms. Cunningham.”

A shocked Ms. Cunningham shook as she gave in to the detective’s demands.
Sky’s cop show training kicked in, “So Ms. Cunningham, let’s start with the basics: why are you here, and who sent you? Then we can move on to the harder questions.”

Cunningham regained her nerves and stood, “ I will not answer any such questions or follow foolish demands.”

“I have a brand new taser, guys,” Evan suggested.

“Evan, we talked about this, no more threatening people with tasers. It’s not cool,” Aurora sighed.

Sky shook her head with a patronizing look, “Cunningham, sweetie, you need to sit down please.” 

“Hey, I can help with that—no tasers needed. I’ll be right back.” Evan ran into the office.

Evan ran back with some rope and duct tape. “I think you should listen to Sky when she says sit down. This will be a lot more comfortable for you if you do.”

“Hey, I wanted to be the bad cop,” Aurora chimed in.

“Aurora, it makes more sense for Evan to be scary, Sky to be bad, and you to be good, because it fits our personalities best, minus Sky. She isn’t that bad,” Josh explained, annoyed.

“Guys, if we don’t do this now, she is going to escape like she is trying to do right now!” a muffled voice came from the corner. Raven recently got struck by the plague and hadn’t gotten her voice back since. 

“Someone catch her!” Sky screamed.

Brandon, not even having to move more than a foot, reached out and grabbed her by the shiny substitute tag. “I got it guys. Now sit down and answer the questions. I have too much to do on my article to deal with you right now.”

Evan immediately proceeded to tie up the sneaky sub, “Next time I’d recommend being a bit quieter when trying to escape.”

Meanwhile in the Front Office…

Detective Wright impatiently tapped her feet as she waited in line to talk to Mr. Grimshaw. “Ms. Secretary, I understand that he is very busy; however, the newspaper staff could really use his help. It’s an emergency!”

“I’m sorry, detective, but your publication is going to have to wait until he’s done. He is in a meeting discussing important matters.”

“Well, according to your calendar he is on a call with his uncle which isn’t as important as what we need to discuss. And this isn’t about our publication—it’s about one of his employees, Ms. Quist,” Detective politely retorted.

Shaking her head, “Fine, I’ll get him.” 

Back in the Newsroom…

Aurora stammered, “Uhh Evan, I think you scared her.”

Laughing, Evan said, “I didn’t do anything—we just had a chat.”

Sky tapped away on social media posts for newspaper publicity, “She wouldn’t be crying after ‘a chat,’ Evan. We can’t get her all emotional,  the detective would kill us. Plus this isn’t even a funny quote for HTH next week, and now I have to do another Instagram post.” 

Evan rolled his eyes, “Speaking of the detective, how long is this gonna take because I have tickets to go see a new MCU movie.” 

The detective burst through the doors, “I’m here, and I brought backup.” 

Principal Grimshaw immediately began scanning the scene. “What on earth is going on here? Why do you all have your substitute tied up?”

Josh stood, “She kidnapped our teacher. What else were we supposed to do?”

Cunningham snarled. “Can these imbeciles let me go now?”

The principal looked at Ms. Cunningham. “Of course, I am so sorry for this incredibly horrid experience, and I will personally see to it that these students are properly taken care of.” Glaring at the students he added, “As the newspaper staff, I expect you to be honest and responsible. What on earth came over you all?”

Clenching the desk, the detective sighed, “Principal Grimshaw, this woman stole our teacher and we simply wanted to find her to make sure she was safe. I don’t know how she got tied up, but I know that my peers had a great reason behind it. All that was done here today was done in the best interest of our missing teacher.”

A look of confusion fell upon the principal’s face. “What do you mean Ms. Quist is missing?”

“Well, Ms. Cunningham said she was our permanent substitute and gave no reason as to why.” Detective stated.

The principal laughed, “Ms. Quist has simply gone to visit her nieces.”

“Then who did I lock in the closet?” Ms Cunningham screamed.

The detective clapped her hands together and said “Well, I guess it is time to find the new scoop.”