Thank you, Ms. Quist!


Meet the Prospector Staff!

Hi there! It’s the staff of The Bingham Prospector here. As this school year comes to a close, we would like to come together to thank our fearless leader – Ms. Quist. We truly would be nowhere without her wise, patient, and kind teaching. Ms. Quist has been the newspaper advisor for three years, but next year she will be moving on for more bookish adventures as Bingham’s Head Librarian. She has helped many students find their voice in journalism and life. Without any further ado, let’s hear from some of Ms. Quist’s thankful students!

“Taking Newspaper with Ms. Quist has been such a good experience for me. She’s taught me so much, and I always love coming to her class. She has such a warm and kind energy, and I hope to be more like her.”

-Bella Klinzing

“Quist is the best teacher! She always listens to all my dumb stories, and she’s just amazing. I don’t think I would like writing as much as I do if it wasn’t for her.” 

-Sarah Storm

“Ms. Quist is the most supportive teacher anyone could ask for. She is hilarious and always there when you need life advice. I’m so grateful I took this class because of her. She has saved me from getting put in a box and shipped off. Newspaper will not be the same without her, and I’m going to miss her next year!”

-Syd Alexander

“Ms. Quist is the best! I’ve loved getting to be on Newspaper this year, and Quist has made it such a welcoming and constructive environment. I feel so comfortable throwing around ideas and sharing my writing in this class. Quist always supports our ideas and helps us to be the best writers we can be. I’m really grateful I got to learn from her.” 

-Grace Colvin

“I’ve learned to be quiet when I think Fablehaven is better than any Jane Austen book.”

-Brekken Peck

“Quist definitely shows that teachers can be kind and still gain the respect of their students.”

-Robyn Ward

“I have learned a lot about how to be a better student from Quist. She has helped me feel confident in myself when I didn’t have confidence to spare.” 

-Miles Miller

“Ms. Quist is the best teacher! She is super understanding and genuinely cares for every one of her students. We will miss her a lot next year in Newspaper!”

-Ximena Santana

“Miss Quist has been a wonderful teacher and such a great leader for the Newspaper class. She’s always been so patient and understanding.”

-Ashley Giles

“We both love Quist so much! She is one of our favorite teachers. She is always so positive and is very helpful. Quist is the sweetest person ever, and we are going to miss her and her class!” 

-Megan Boyle and Alexa Tate

“I have learned so much from Ms. Quist over the past two years. She is funny, intelligent, and unfailingly kind. I have become a better writer and person from her example. Newspaper has been one of my high school highlights, and I will miss her so much!”

-Sophia Warnas

Farewell Ms. Quist!