All Hallows’ Eve: Part 3


Photo by Bethany Bourgault, New England Today Travel

A walking path at Salem Willows, a park located in Salem Massachusetts

I wake up from this nightmare, sprawled on the floor with a raging headache. Something is nagging in my mind, but I can’t put my finger on it, so I just try to ignore it. I slowly make my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Everything’s so blurry–the world is on the verge of destruction, not everything is fine, but everything is just so blurry. My thoughts continue to battle themselves until I hear a large crash. My floor is now glittering with mosaic pieces reflecting in the sunlight. I must have unknowingly bumped into the shelf. My glassware is ruined! I bend down to clean up the mess and prepare to say every curse word I know until I see it.

The paper. I hurriedly grab the small scrap and read it. 


Miss Willow,

I took the being away with glee but now I don’t know where it should be

I look and look but I don’t know where to release this magic into the air

So now I want you to play this game

Bring me a branch of the tree with your name.

Meet me before the clock strikes three, or it shall always be All Hallow’s Eve. 

Good luck–The man with green eyes


Mary Groves, the evil glimmer, the man with green eyes. It all comes back to me. The horrible spirit that tortured Mary Groves and the man, who is potentially even worse because he took the spirit away from me. I can sense that there is still danger in the world, and I need to fix it before three o’clock in the morning. I don’t know who this man is or why he wants to release the spirit. So, I’ll focus on what I do know, he wants me to bring him a branch of the willow tree. If I don’t do this, he will somehow make All Hallows’ Eve last forever. 

I am walking to Salem Willows, a popular park in my town,  to find a low branch that I can break off. A voice breaks through the eerie silence. “What are you doing, young lady? That’s illegal–these trees should be protected! Just because it’s All Hallows’ Eve doesn’t mean it’s free for all!” I’ve been caught by a policeman. I’m reluctant to use magic after the events of the day, but it seems that I have no choice. I begin chanting, “Now you see me, but soon you won’t. My actions were bad nor so it seems. Now fall asleep and forget, for tomorrow they will be vague dreams.” My personal favorite spell for getting out of trouble. With my branch in hand, I go to the end of the walk way where I notice a figure with a bird cage on its shoulder. I hope it’s not who I think it is, but then I notice his eyes. 

“Ah, so we will meet again, Willow,” the man with green eyes says. I stare, surprised at the birdcage, which holds an evil being. The man starts again, “Oh Willow, do you like my new arrangement? I think that I’ve made a new friend with this little chaos. You didn’t know that I was a wizard of chaos did you?” He leans the shoulder with the birdcage towards me. “I’m a big chaos, and our friend here is a little chaos.”

“Here is the willow branch that you asked for,” I say with more confidence than I have. 

“Oh, you can put that silly thing right there. I used it as a diversion to meet with you–well, to give you an ultimatum. You need to bring all of the witches that you know here, including yourself, and all of you need to cast the spells that I choose. As gifted as I am, I’m ashamed to say that as a chaos wizard, I can’t cast my own magic. Otherwise, I will release this little friend in Salem and the world will always be celebrating All Hallows’ Eve.”

“But either choice brings…” I almost say chaos but stop myself. “Either choice will hurt someone and ruin Salem.”

“Then it shouldn’t matter which choice you make,” the wizard retorts, “Tick tock, it’s almost three o ‘clock.”

I only have half an hour to save my town and the world from chaos. I concoct a plan in my head. It’s a little crazy, but it has to work. “I choose to gather the witches, and we will cast whatever spells you wish for the rest of the night.”

“You have fifteen minutes to be back here with the other witches of Salem. And don’t play games with me Willow. If you’re not back here by the minute mark, I will release a little chaos.”

I run back to my apartment. When I reach my front door, I wonder why the wizard wants to use magic on All Hallow’s Eve. Does he want revenge? Does he want power? Those are the things that I often wish for on this horrible night. Maybe I should help him. Maybe he will help me. But then I remember what I said to him right before he left me. Why should I trust you? At least I know myself;  I don’t even know you. I quickly gather what I will need: some coconut water, a brown square of cloth, and a planner. 

I make it back to Salem Willows with two minutes to spare. Panting, I call out for the chaos wizard. He appears and gives me a puzzled look. “Where are the others? I know there are more witches than just you, Willow. And what is all of this useless junk? I need potions–maybe some of that deadly nightshade that you seem to love so much.”

Ignoring his questions and jests, I take a deep breath and begin.


“Coconut that can be used everyday, please help me to find a way

To save my town and keep the world from turning upside down

Cloth that is in a shape so square, please use your color to prevent despair

And planner that I write in and hold so dear

Please make this evil man disappear”


With the final line of my spell, I see the surprised look on the wizard’s face. 

“I hate all of those items! They bring stability, the opposite of chaos!” he stutters before disappearing with a flash of light.

I had done it! I saved myself and all of the other witches. I had self restraint with my magic. Then, I see a flashlight coming towards me. It’s the policeman from earlier. I run back to my apartment before I have to use magic again and fall into a deep peaceful slumber. When I wake up, the sun is shining through my window, and I head for a walk downtown. The haunted houses are closed and the pumpkin patches empty. The trick or treaters are once again children playing at the park. At last, All Hallows’ Eve is over.