Bingham in the Community

How Bingham is more than a school


Photo by Britney Chen

From fundraisers to football games to service, Bingham High School’s attitude and activities ignite the community to come together.

Bingham football games have a huge impact not just on the students but also on the community. According to junior Zach Olson, “Bingham- although it has many rivalries- brightens the people, area, and community.” If you’ve been to a football game you have seen the influence of Bingham all over. Sure, the student section is packed, but so is the parent side at the games. A Bingham games you see the community come together. According to “Bingham Football: Ron Throne Stadium” by Bruce Smith, “Ron Throne Stadium is more than just the football field for Bingham High School. These days, it’s a center point for the South Jordan community.”

Service is also a huge part of how Bingham helps the community. Fundraisers such as True Blue and Bingham’s National Honors Society, or NHS, focuses on service. In NHS you must complete 12 hours of club-sponsored service, as well as 12 hours of service on your own. That’s a total of 24 hours of service per person. That’s a lot of service. NHS is for students who want to do more to help and serve the community. This service really uplifts and assists the community. Service is an excellent way for Bingham to shine and show through.

From helping and showing kindness and support in True Blue, to the Bingham High stadium bringing the community together, to NHS serving and assisting others, Bingham High weighs in heavy in this community.