How to Get on Your Teacher’s Good Side by Sucking Up

Kristen Andersen, Op/Ed Editor

Your high school GPA will determine the rest of your life. It is imperative that you
get good grades, so here are some tips on how to suck up to your teachers. Using
these, you can get the grades you want.

1. Learn your teacher’s personality. If they are the funny type, be the class
clown. You can always recycle Laffy Taffy jokes.
2. Make a special effort to find out what their favorite treat is. Teachers,
whether they admit it or not, love to be bribed.
3. Always turn your work in on time. The end of the quarter is a stressful time
for them, so adding your work to their pile is not good.
4. Remember Teacher Appreciation Day. It’s May 7th this year. Cups, candles,
and decorations are all over in the stores during May. Buy them something
and write a nice, sincere card.
5. Volunteer to be their teacher aide next year.
6. Tell them thank you for their lessons, regardless of how grateful you actually
7. Raise your hand frequently, but not constantly.
8. Never correct your teacher, even if they’re wrong.
9. Laugh really loud when they make a joke, but don’t be overbearing.
10. Start dressing like them. They love when people imitate them, especially
when it comes to their style.
11. Always ask them if they need help with anything.
12. Bring your parents in to meet them.
13. Sit with them at lunch.
Hopefully these suggestions will turn out to be beneficial to you and you will get that well deserved 4.0.