Eric Christensen, Staff Writer

Since 1937, Sub-4-Santa has been one of Bingham’s greatest traditions.  Over the years, Sub-4-Santa has evolved to help raise the greatest amount of money for those less fortunate, and this year is no different.  This year there are 11 events, almost double the number of events that other schools in Jordan School District are doing.

In 2010, there were only three activities: Globus Relief, a movie night and the Christmas dance.  The next year, was similar with three events: Globus Relief, starlight, and the dance.  This year, with eleven events, it outdoes the past two years.  Events this year include an art show, benefit concert, potato derby and like the other years, a holiday dance.

Since Sub-4-Santa is a charity donation, students are not required, but highly appreciated, to give as much as they can afford to.  Student Government is usually adamant about students donating money. This year, however,  Student Government has decided to not to hound the students about donating money.  They are not standing in the parking lot of Bingham asking students to donate as they leave each day.

“I think that there would be more options because they would want the money and it would be easier if it was thrown out there,” said junior Josh Lebaron.               As a result, students are more willing to donate.

Last year at the Sub-4-Santa assembly, $5,000 was donated.  This year, $10,000 was donated and was put to use for the Make-a-Wish donation.

Students are also helping out by putting up all the decorations around Bingham with their respective clubs and going around door to door for donations.

Sub-4-Santa is a great cause that helps less fortunate people.