Are We Done With Dances?

Holly Palmer, Staff Writer

  High school dances can be a hot topic of debate. Most people either love them or hate them. A lot of people enjy dances, but think they are abusrdly overrated.

  Dances are not overrated. Dances are a diversion from the drudges of homework and everyday life. They let us do something out of the ordinary, something thrilling and memorable.

  Dances are very chill. The low lights, the energy in the air, the music puming through the speakers, the whole atmosphere oozes excitement and exuberance.

 Dances are a staple of high school. They are an essential part of the whole experiences. You don’t want to tell your kids you never went to high school dances; they will be so disappointed. This is high school, guys. This is the time to have fun. Dances add a little bit of zest into our otherwise monotonous lives. Do it for the experiences, if for no other reason.

  Some people think dances are overrated. They have the opinion that they are a waste of time, too expensive, or just not their thing.

  “I hate dances. I think we should not spend all this money on one night,” said Junior Lisa Forsyth. While dances can be expensive, they don’t have to be. As for being a waste of time, they’re as much a waste of time as any high school party is. You could say there are better things to do. Like what? Homework? Dances really aren’t that bad. These are our last years of childhood, we should be spending our weekends having fun, doing things that may or may not be a “waste of time.”

  Dances are very memorable events. There are so many opportunities to make memories: the search for the perfect dress with your friends, the adrenaline rush from doorbell ditching to ask or respon, that darn boutonniere that just won’t stay on your date’s shirt and then you accidentally stab him, the embarrassing story your parents tell in front of your whole group, that one person in your group with the hilarious dances moves, the special dances with your date, the crazy blizzard the night of thedance, the conversation your date has with the waitress in Chinese, the joke someone tells that makes everyone laugh until someone snorts or chokes on their food and everyone laughs harder, and that awkward comment that made you laugh until your abs hurt and, as hard as you try, you can never forget it. Dances provide endless opportunities to make lasting memories that you will smile back on years from now.