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Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Topacio Patch, Staff Writer

A great way to finish up a hard day’s work at school is coming back to your car to find a fat ticket underneath the windshield wiper.  Sophomore lane isn’t exactly the most ideal place to park when you are a senior and running late to school.

I found myself in the predicament of a twenty-five dollar parking violation, so I did like E.T.  and phoned home, and my mom wasn’t too pleased with me.  For the South Jordan Police man who issued me the ticket, I must have been an easy target to find.

If you were to compare the South Jordan police web page to Sandy, you will find that South Jordan has 33 officers while Sandy has a total of 69 patrol officers. Both South Jordan and Sandy cover area of 22 square miles, yet we never hear of how Sandy police men are going out of their way to issue a ticket. I’m not saying that the officer who issued me my ticket had gone out of his way, but, when a cop pulls you over you cannot help but feel like you are being picked on.  Another student here at Bingham has shared this same experience.

“I was going 40 on Redwood, and I got pulled over for slowing down,” said Natalie Bagley, a senior.  “It had been two days after I got my license.”

As many know, Redwood has a speed limit of 45, not a minimum of 45.  Natalie later on said that the officer didn’t even look at her registration, but just told her that she was going 5 under the speed limit.

Officer Iversen, a patrol officer for South Jordan, explained that the majority of times someone is pulled over “most are standard,” pull-over’s. Standard meaning: speeding, stopping, and expired registration. It is not an uncommon scene in the town of South Jordan to see one car being pulled over by more than just on police car, yet, they do not have to meet a quota-um.

Although they do work for South Jordan City they “have authority to pull any one over,” in Utah. The police officers tend to swarm 10600th as everyone knows, and slowly disperse on streets such as 2200nd and 2700th South.  They run a ten-hour rotation shift where they each patrol the roads and serve basic need of the community.

For better or for worse we have to learn to live with the justice system, always around to crack down on the misdemeanors. We can always depend on the South Jordan Police Department to be there when you least want them.