Transition from California to Utah

Joi Guidry, Staff Writer

One day after school, I was at home finishing up some homework and I received a phone call. It was my aunt. “Are you coming to stay for good?” she asked. I was confused, I didn’t know what she was talking about. She explained and it turned out my mom was planning on moving out to Utah with her and my uncle. The bad part was that she was taking me. I was heartbroken. Utah? Out of all places? I thought things would only get worse from here on out. I imagined  the people and if they would be nice or not. The transition from California to Utah was crazy.  In California you can get cursed out for sneezing the wrong way.

One thing I must admit is that Utah has nothing on Californian’s and their food. Out of all places I have been to California and New York have the best food! California is famous for their hotdogs. There is a place in Hollywood around the corner from my old house on, Melrose and La Brea called Pinks. Pinks are known for their 15” hot dogs and quarter pounder hamburgers. Utah is okay. The only thing I would be able to complain about is the weather. It’s extremely cold. California is always sunny. I guess that’s why it’s called “The Sunshine State”.  Many people say Utah is boring. This is understandable considering they have lived here they’re whole life, and they rather live in California. My perspective of California is the same as their perspective of Utah. Soon after settling in I enrolled at Bingham High School. My first thought was things would be hard for me because of the majority of Utah’s religious preference. Things I would usually do in California I couldn’t do out here. I thought that I wouldn’t make any friends and I would be all alone. However I was totally wrong. The students here are so friendly, most were quick to help me and show me around. Some even invited me to hang out with them at lunch. As a new student it was hard for me to find my classes on my own, I tend to get lost. But overall I like my new school, my new set of friends, and my surroundings. Never judge a book by its cover, a lesson very well learned.