Bingham’s Butt Stuck In a Summer Rut

Brooke Meldrum, Staff Writer

Nostalgia and a summer haze is known to every student that has sat in a below zero temp classroom. Then suddenly the reality of homework, responsibilities and deadlines come in and slap them in the face with a brisk fall storm. One can nearly feel the giddiness in the air as students anticipate sleepless nights doing homework, zombie-like attitudes as they acknowledge the other drifters around them and monotonous teachers that are just as thrilled to be here.

There is a solution! Here is the ultimate guide to getting your school spirit on and tossing that bad attitude out the window of this window-less building.

Please put down that dirty shirt that was worn last year, it has a grease stain on it from that end of summer pizza party. One of the best ways to snap out of it is to go and get a fresh new look to add to your wardrobe. It honestly does not need to be that much, maybe some dope new shoes or a fly top that will make you feel like a million bucks. It will be totally worth it when that cute guy or girl says “Hey! You’re lookin’ good in those jeans!” So splurge a little and get those earrings you’ve had your eye on!

It can be difficult to get used to a schedule and always having something to do, so take some advice from some Miners themselves. ”Getting back into the rhythm is the hardest part.” Brennan Clark (Junior). “To get back into school, I write a lot, mostly poems.” Selia Ririe (Senior). Finding an outlet is a huge help when facing the void of unfilled time. One really good piece of advice comes from Trevor Sorenson (Senior): “If I’m too stressed with school, I go for a drive.” If using gas to loosen up doesn’t suit your fancy try Kelsey Brooks’s (Senior) idea of a good time: “I go to sporting events and dances, and hang out with friends.”

There are so many opportunities to get involved and be a part of something. You do not have to be that person that comes home after school and dedicates their life to worshipping their parents’ basement and the video games that live within it. School can be a pretty sick experience, but it’s up to you to make that decision. It is heard over and over again by teachers and students alike that he best way to have a good high school experience is to get involved. This is so true! Go find a club or a sport that interests you, and there is no way you could go wrong!

Another perspective is the social scene. Do not doddle on the workload that is sure to come. Think about future dances and football games you could be attending. The dating possibilities are endless! One is more likely to meet a person of interest when in class rather than considering contacting them laying by the pool taking a nap with hipster shades on.

So get up, get active and go find something to do, then this year is sure to be killer!