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Utah Dates: Cute And Clever

Utah is pretty much the only place in America where asking someone to a dance requires more than guts; it requires crazy creativity. Here in Utah, we take pride in sneaking out late with 400 balloons and a poster that says “I would float away if you didn’t go to homecoming with me” and doorbell-ditching each other at all hours of the night. Some of the lines are clever, some are lame, but most will get you a date.

In most places besides Utah, you just find a cute person, work up the nerve, go over to them and say, “Hey, let’s go to (dance of your choice) together.” and they usually say okay. It certainly would be easier that way, but since we do live in Utah, creativity will do us all some good.

Great ways to ask:

•Beg the faculty to let you use the school intercom, or have one of the SBO’s do it for you during morning announcements.

•Spell “Lego to (name of dance)” in Legos and leave it on their porch.

•Get a bottle of one of those drinks that have the sayings and facts under the lid and write the name of the dance where the facts usually go, then give them the drink.

•Write them a formal invitation on cream paper with big words and pretty writing and have one of your friends dress up to present it to them. Make sure the deliverer acts like it’s the grandest invite your date will ever receive.

•Lie in the middle of the person’s floor and have your friends cover you and the rest of the floor in balloons. When they come home to their room, jump out and pop your question.

Cute ways to answer:

•Get a package of Depends adult diapers and write your name on one. Then, leave it on their porch with a note that says “My answer DEPENDS on what’s inside!”

•Get a bag of colored candies and count the colors.  Put them in a jar and write on the outside “If there are more reds than blues, I’ll go to the dance with you!” But make sure there really are more reds than blues.

• Write yes on a t-shirt in permanent marker, then cover the rest of the shirt in no’s and maybe’s written in washable marker. Put a note on the shirt telling him to do his laundry for the answer, and the yes will stay behind after he’s washed it.

“Easy Let-Down” Ways to say no:

•Have your mom bake them a bundt cake and leave them a note that says, “I’ll say nothing bundt the truth, I can’t go to the dance with you.”

•Send them a bag of chocolate kisses and write a note that says, “I have to say no to the dance, but here’s some kisses to make it better.”

• Leave a 2-liter bottle of Crush soda and say, “I’m ‘crushed’ that I can’t attend with you!”

There are pros and cons to asking and answering creatively. The good side is you usually get something yummy to eat or fun to keep if you get asked, and a giant adrenaline rush when you ask in the middle of the night.

Even though it’s fun, it can often be costly. Usually, it costs anywhere from $10 to $40 to ask someone to a dance, and about the same to answer. On top of that, at a dance like prom, for example, it costs each party involved anywhere from $200 to $400.

Because the asking tradition in Utah is not about to change, try some cheap creative ways, like the intercom method, or maybe change up the lyrics to a popular song to convey your message. Dances do not have to be stressful, just do your best to have as much fun there as you did asking.

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