Column: The “Not Dating” Situation

Brooke Meldrum, Staff Writer

“We’re not dating! We’re just really good friends…we just hang out…all the time.”

Numerous “couples” tell themselves this big fat lie constantly. If you listen closely enough, you can hear this line in many different forms being whispered all over the world by wimps alike while the rest of us just nod and give a wry smirk at the extremely poor acting.

This “Not Dating” epidemic plagues high schools everywhere. To define it from the vocabulary of very educated, literate teens, you would most likely know it as when two people grow highly fond of each other, (usually young homosapiens) and they may or may not have admitted it and they can’t be away from each other, because they are such good “friends.”

They won’t admit to the truth that they are actually dating when it is obvious that they are. If you have just had an epiphany and came to the realization that you are one of the people feeding into the lies: STOP.

There is a reason as to why little love birds delude themselves and in doing so they confuse everyone around them. Most of the time it is because as natural human beings, we have seemed to develop this deep fear and concern of judgment, we worry what people will think about us, so we try not to do anything too risky. This becomes a little slippery when you find you find that person that gets your goat and they just happen to like you too. It is difficult to know how to handle the situation and so they freeze and call themselves friends so people can’t form judgments. Just admit it you know you like each other! You won’t be judged that much.

Or your parents don’t approve of you being in a relationship at such a young age. It’s totally okay to like someone, it’s just that your sweet parents are completely freaked out by the fact that someone is going to hold your hand or something nasty like that! Don’t worry, they will still love you! Maybe… Just kidding, they will.

So you may call yourselves “friends,” “good friends,” “close buds,” “special friends,” “best friends” or “wittle buddies” whatever, choose your pick! To each his own! Just be grateful for the people in your life that care about you and hold onto those ridiculously corny butterflies that attack your stomach, it is a wonderful, awkward, exciting thing! Now excuse me while I go and enjoy the company of my cats.