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Timing Is Everything

Photo by Cartoon courtesy of Darcy Christiansen

Today’s female Bingham Miners need be called the Bingham Warriors as the Bingham Ball Asking Battles’ began at a whole new level this year. Girls have been on the hunt for Bingham Ball dates and this year they’re pulling out all the stops. Some girls have felt so pressured to ask quickly to the dance that they asked before homecoming was even over! Will the ‘Dance Asking Battles’ worsen or will girls pull in the reins? While girls are asking super early, a week before homecoming, boys put off asking until the last minute (…a week before homecoming…) With boys and girls asking at practically the same time, dance chaos has run a-muck.

For Mohan Sudabattula, it was no surprise that he would be asked early. Although it came as quite a surprise when he was approached by several different girls saying they were planning on asking before homecoming was even over. The popular SBO of Service was asked several days before homecoming, in fact it was earlier last summer when he was told he’d be asked this early.

Some say this may be ‘jumping the gun.’ Mohan says, “I don’t think [I got asked too early.] It feels kind of cool being asked early, because its like ‘yes I got a date,’ right? But, I feel bad for the people that haven’t been asked early now because it’s kind of been made the standard all of the sudden.”

In the eyes of Josh Newbold, the earlier the better! In his opinion he is quite the catch stating,“If a girl wants to go with me, you know… She better get going!”

To his excitement Josh was asked to Bingham Ball two days after homecoming by two different girls, and he wasn’t even at his own house. Josh was hanging out at his friend Brad Gayheart’s residence when Kaylee Beck and her friend Jessica Denning both showed up to ‘pop the question,’ to each boy. Both boys weren’t expecting to be asked so early, but then, in the words of Josh,“Bing-Bong!” they were asked!

“It’s weird because guys are like, ‘oh hey, I’ll give you 48 hours to get your dress!’ Then with girls it’s like, ‘ya here’s two months! and if something happens between us it’s okay, we’ll still go!’” Said Mohan.

While girls are asking extremely early, boys are asking extremely late. Hollee Talbot for example was asked by phone the night before homecoming. Though panicked, she agreed to go, but only because she already had a dress she could borrow from her sister.

Boys need to realize that girls need time, and lots of it. With hair appointments to be made, trips to the nail salon, figuring out makeup, finding the perfect dress, scoping out matching accessories, and waiting for spray tans to “de-orange,” it should be pretty clear that girls need at least two weeks notice.

Hollee said, “[Boys should] be considerate; give us time.”

Girls are worried about getting beat to the punch, this is how they justify asking so early.. They don’t want some other girl swooping in and asking their perfect date to their dream dance. Sarah Bench, junior, was one of these girls. Unfortunately for her, asking early was still too late. Sarah asked her potential date, Jeffrey Wang, Junior Class Secretary, two days after homecoming, but showed up to his house 30 minutes too late. Bethany Morey, junior, snagged Jeffrey right out from under Sarah (harmlessly of course). Sarah may have missed out on asking Jeff to Bingham Ball, but life went on.

Sarah said, “I was disappointed that he had been asked, but I just asked someone else and it was okay.” Sarah tried again asking junior, Dallin Thomas and got a ‘yes.’ Her excitement for the dance grows everyday, and she is confident that she will have as much fun with Dallin as she would with Jeff.

Girls should stop worrying so much, there’s plenty of time and plenty of boys to ask to the next dance. As for the guys, the girls wouldn’t mind if they thought about tackling the ‘dance asking’ a little earlier. In all, the high school dance asking experience should be kept light and fun, kept realistic, and people should be considerate to everyone asking or getting asked.

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