Car Personality

Marietta Lehmitz, Staff Writer

Your car can say so much about your personality. You may not know that your car is in so many ways connected to you. Everyone in our world is different and there are so many types of cars that you may have a close match to who you really are. Match your car as close as possible to check your personality.

Color of Your Car

White- You are fresh and young

Black- You are sophisticated and luxurious

Silver-You are secure and stylish

Gray- You are don’t care about status

Red- You are strong and confident

Blue- You are fresh, practical and happy.

Brown/Beige- You don’t care about trends and hate to waste so you use it until it is not


Yellow- You are full of joy and happiness

Green- You are well connected to nature

Orange- You are conservative and enjoy active

Type of Car

Mini Van: You have a close relationship to your mom because she gave you the old

family car.

Truck: You like to work hard to get your hands dirty and you have an inner desire to be a


Sports Car: You are sporty and you have a good sense of style.

Small four door Sedan: You have style and you like to have control.

12 and 15 seater Vans: You have many siblings and you also have a close relationship

with your mom.

Hummer: High self esteem

Ford Trucks: Redneck

Ford Cars/Chevrolet: Stylish and economic

BMW/Saab: Loving but not loving the maintenance prices.

Prius: Environmentally aware

Toyota/Honda: Middle class but take pleasant drives around town

Volkswagen: Family lover

Subaru: Likes hiking and being outdoors

Cadillac/Lincoln/Buick: Old fashioned

Mercedes: Successful

Audi: Likes to be unique

Jaguar: Sporty and successful

Lexus: Smart and enjoy your family and friends

Nissan: Practical and athletic

Chrysler: Seeks good opportunities